Monthly Archive May 25, 2016

Typical Barcelona, so what a tourist must see

Barcelona is not just a football club, sun, beaches and events. It is also the cradle of the Catalan culture and a place with a lot of fantastic sights.

The best seats at the airplane

Travelling by a plane, even if it last only for one or two hours, maybe very stressful. especially if you are siting in a wrong place. Noisy kid, turbulence, not enough space for your legs, and many more. All of this thinks may ruin your day, especially if you are afraid of flying and you choose cheap airline company and it tiny chairs. Here are couple tips, how to avoid each problems, and enjoy the travel in the most possible way.

Transaction fee, service fee, additional charges

Many people who buys their flight tickets often don’t understand how the price is calculated. Usually, when they look for a flight, they see a law price thus they decide to purchase it. As the booking process develops, the price increases. At the end, the price might be significantly higher than the initial price. Many of them do not really understand what happened thus they often might feel cheated. The following text aims to explain what kind of additional fees and charges might be added to the initial price of flight tickets.

Duty free zone at the airports

Most of as are travelling to different directions by plane. We are visiting relatives abroad, enjoying longer weekend in Paris, having holiday in different continent. But also journey maybe a big pleasure itself, especially when you are visiting a duty free section at the airport. Many people are traveling by this vehicle, just to have an opportunity to shopping there. Why it is so nice place? Is there are any limits for your groceries? Let’s find out!

Problems with baggage: damaged, delayed, lost

While travelling by plane, there is always a risk that something might happen to our luggage. While passengers are responsible for their hand baggage, airlines are obligated to take certain action when registered luggage is damaged, delayed or lost. These obligations are regulated and described in European Union’s directive. Therefore, it is very useful to know passengers’ rights in case to know what can we require from the airlines if any problem with our registered luggage occur.

How to travel in low costs?

Every single day, people are flying back and forward, from one city to another, from Europe to United States. Most of European countries has couple of big airports in their main cities, and because of that, inhabitants are able to buy cheap international flights for they holiday or other occasions.

Most of the times, travelers are choosing airplane as their mode of transportation when they heading to vacations. They buying tickets in lower costs possible, and it is not so hard, cause couple European airline companies are offering cheap international flights. Most of the time price is low, but there are couple tips, how to make it even cheaper:

Nice week in Wroclaw

If you are planning longer or shorter trip to Wroclaw, even if it will be only for business, you should find some free time to explore this beautiful city. It has a colorful history, it use to be part of three different countries! It is very multicultural place with many students from aboard, a lot of friendly inhabitants, nice restaurants, spectacular architecture and interesting night life. You have to leave your hotel room during your free hours, and see all of this tourist attractions for your own eyes.

Sky Tower

If you like to admire a spectacular view on entire Wroclaw, you should consider to visit Sky Tower, the tallest building in Poland. It has 45 floors, and at 43th there is a observation point, in prize of 10 zł. So if you will be in the city during nice, cloudless weather, you should definitely visit this building. Also, if you have enough money, you can rent an apartment there, at the top floor, just for couple days. But it cost likes couple hundreds zlotych per night, but the view is unforgettable.

Stockholm for businessmen

Scandinavia is a beautiful land, but for some people may be to cold in most of the times. But if you are not afraid of getting cold, and you are admirer of nice architecture, great food and friendly people, you will feel like home in Stockholm, even during winter season. If you are going for business trip there, make sure to arrange some free time to have tour around town, it is really worth it.


If you like to feel like you are truly at seashore, you must to visit Vasa Museum. It is an exhibition of ship found in 1960 an renovated to the primary condition. Gallery is not only about Vasa, it is also a huge exhibition of any items connected with a sea – reconstruction of animals, other ships, photographs of underworld, interactive galleries. You can also get some souvenirs in one of many local gift shops, or have some delicious lunch in restaurant nearby.

Riga for business meetings

Riga, capital of Latvia, is a nice, historical city. Maybe it is not very popular, especially among people from Western Europe, but it has great touristic potential inside. Plenty of old building, renovated perfectly, delicious, local food, friendly people, a lot of cultural events. Even if you are just coming here for a business meetings, you need to have a tour around city – you won’t regret it!

Saint Peter Church

It is the oldest church in Riga, build in eleventh century, it was rebuild and renovated couple times since then. Because of that, temple is divided for three parts: two are in Gothic style, third is in Baroque style. Big part of it was ruined during World War Two, two towers was destroyed by bombs, and all of the expensive items of interior design was stolen by Red Army soldiers. It was renovated in 50’s, but all those precious objects never return. Church is open for visitors to see every day at week, since 8 till 20.