Monthly Archive June 29, 2016

Take care of your entertainment on a plane

Nowadays, plenty of people, also from Poland, are travelling whole around the world. We are visiting our relatives in Australia, having magnificent holidays in Spain, or romantic weekend in Paris. Also, a lot of people are businessmen, travelling in work. You are about to visit Moldavia, to have a meeting with your future contractor? You need to take care of your free time during the flight, in case you choose economic class. Because maybe the trip is not very long, but it will be a lot more pleasant, when you won’t be boring during it.

All extra services you may choose for your flight

A lot of people from Poland are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in Australia, having romantic weekend in Rome, or going for to find a job in United Kingdom. In most of this occasions, we are choosing a plane as our mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that, it is very fast, comfortable and safe method. But if you like to travel by this vehicle, you need to fallow certain rules, totally different then in bus or a car. Also, you have plenty of extra services available.

Which type of bag choose for a trip to Brussels?

Nowadays, most of us while planning any type of a trip, most of the times are choosing airplane as mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that. It is very convenient and fast option – from one part of the Europe to another we are travelling since three hours, it is much more fast then trip by a bus. Also, thanks to the cheap airline companies, we have option to book flights in very reasonable prices. But preparation for journey by a plane is different then by bus. You need to know, witch type of luggage select. You are planning trip to Brussels? depending on your case of journey, another variant will be better.

Prepare for your flight

A lot of us are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in different cities, having longer weekend in Berlin, or holiday in Israel. If we are choosing plane as our mode of transportation, we need to know several rules. There are many differences between each connections. Different policy is in case of domestic flights, another in the European union zone, different outside of it. Also, if we are planning a trip that is lasting longer then several hours, we also should to be prepared very closely.

Interesting spots in Katowice

Poland is very beautiful country, filled with many interesting cities. The most tourists from whole around the Europe are visiting Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, the biggest and the most popular spots. But if you already have been in these places, and you like to explore something else, try on Katowice! it is also very nice town, with big airport, so you may track down some cheap airline tickets to there. There are plenty of interesting spots that any kind of traveler will find very attractive.

How to find themselves in Wroclaw?

Many people who for the first time are in a new place they have trouble finding in the city. Is it possible to prevent this especially with kids?

City from the other side – Prague

Inspiring atmosphere of Prague today undoubtedly rubbed off on its cultural life. Here you can get to know the works of old masters and artistic innovations in numerous galleries, unique museum exhibits, pleasing to the ear operatic arias and energetic atmosphere of jazz evenings. You can also dance the night away in one of the dance clubs.