Monthly Archive October 30, 2016

Brussels – why is it worth visiting?

Many people think that Brussels is all about institutions of the European Union and just  a place for meeting among politicians. They often forget, that Brussels has much more to offer for every visitor. And those things does not have to be connected neither with current politics or the European Union.

Best cities to visit in Netherlands

Many people, who make a decision to visit Netherlands, usually limit their travel to Amsterdam, the capital city. It makes sense, if you have a very limited time, for example it is just a weekend trip. However, it is important to know that Netherlands have many other amazing cities and towns, which are equally interesting and beautiful.

What to do in London?

London has many attraction and amazing activities for every tourist and visitor. In fact, the choice is so diversified and so wide, that sometimes it might be difficult to even make a decision what to do and where to go! However, this is it, what makes London so unique and so attractive for millions of tourists.

What to do in Lviv?

Every year, more and more tourists from all over the world make a decision tod iscover the unique atmosphere and character of Lviv, the city in Western Ukraine. Even though it is not as popular as many other European cities, it quickly changes. Therefore, if you have not been to Lviv yet, this is probably the best moment to do it, before even more crowds of tourists will discover this amazing city.