Monthly Archive January 27, 2018


The finest monuments in Moscow

Summer holidays is a perfect occasion to lay on a beach in some southern resort. However, nice and sunny weather is also great opportunity to visit northern cities, which are usually too cold for Polish travelers.

Cracow trip

Short trip to amazing Cracow

After Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of travellers from the continent get an opportunity to visit this country a lot easier and cheaper. All credits goes to small, airline companies, which started to create nice connections between Poland and other, European countries.

Hungary night

Amazing holidays in Hungary

Nowadays, when we are planning our future, summer holidays, it is very difficult to decide where to go. Since last decade small airline companies created many different connections from Poland, that is why we can travel for a song.

Vilnius City

Vilnius – the city in the north of Europe

Summer is a great occassion to travel and discover new places. One of them is definitely Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.