All extra services you may choose for your flight

All extra services you may choose for your flight

A lot of people from Poland are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in Australia, having romantic weekend in Rome, or going for to find a job in United Kingdom. In most of this occasions, we are choosing a plane as our mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that, it is very fast, comfortable and safe method. But if you like to travel by this vehicle, you need to fallow certain rules, totally different then in bus or a car. Also, you have plenty of extra services available.

When you are booking your flight, for Warsaw Budapest connection for example, you have plenty of ticket options to choose. You can take a first or economic class, carry-on or registered baggage, and so on. Also, you can choose one out of many additional services, some of them are payable, some are free of charge. then you choose economic class, but you still like to have something delicious to eat, you may pay for premium meal. You will get a lunch with appetizer, main dish and dessert. You could also choose your favorite chair to seat in, next to the window, in the center of a hall and so on. This option is free of charge if you do it in time of your check-in, but in that case, you will be able to choose only among free seats. If you like to make this selection in time of your booking, this option will be payable. budapest-992508_640

Sometimes when you are choosing a Warsaw Budapest connection, you like to take your dog with you. This kind of additional services are also available in most of the airline companies. You just need to make sure that your pet have proper medical certificate, you have to book additional ticket either. But in most of situations, the you can only take a small dog, cat or ferret. Any other animal, need to be putted inside a cargo. Also, if you want, you can take some sport equipment with you on a plane, but you have to buy extra baggage for it. Also, it cannot be taken with you on board. Oxygen cylinder for scuba diving? Or maybe golf clubs? Each item is welcome in additional services. But remember, that each thing that contain air inside, need to be deprived of oxygen before the flight, because there is too much pressure up in the air.

When you are selecting Warsaw Budapest connection, you have plenty of various additional services available. You can take your pet with you, eat delicious meal, or even bring oxygen cylinder into the cargo. Just remember to inform flying attendant about each need before your flight.