Amazing holidays in Hungary

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Amazing holidays in Hungary

Nowadays, when we are planning our future, summer holidays, it is very difficult to decide where to go. Since last decade small airline companies created many different connections from Poland, that is why we can travel for a song. If you like to visit some interesting and beautiful destination, you have to choose holidays in Hungary.

How to get there?

If you are living in the southern part of Poland trip to the Budapest by car, bus or train will take about 10 hours. It is not so very bad, especially since you can book a ticket for a night drive. Buses are the cheapest, but the most comfortable will be train. You can take a walk in there sometimes, and see a lot more of country than while driving trough the highway. But since several years Polish citizens are able to travel to Hungary also by plane, without spending a fortune on a ticket. Small airline companies are offering flights to Budapest from many of Polish airports, like Wroclaw or Cracow.


HungaryThe best place to start your sightseeing in this country is Budapest, the capital. It is very beautiful destination, very popular among travelers from entire continent. One of the finest pieces of architecture in there is Fisherman Tower, pretty building which looks like a castle from fairy tale. It was founded in the end of nineteenth century in Romanesque Revival style. Another nice building is a Royal Castle, situated in the top of the hill. It is a good chance to see plenty of interesting examples of interior design, cause part of castle’s chambers are opened for visitors. At the opposite side of Danube river lays a head quarter of Hungarian Parliament, amazing example of Classical architecture. The area around the building is popular meeting place for inhabitants and travelers.

Another nice areas

But Hungary is not only about it capital, another parts of country are also very interesting. Very popular, especially during the summer, is Balaton lake, the biggest object like that in the Europe. Lake is surrounded by typical, holiday resorts, so you can rest by the lake and enjoy a lot of attractions after the dark. If you are an admirer of nature, do not miss a trip to the Hortobagy National Park. It is beautiful, huge area, where many of interesting species of animals and plants are living. Only couple dozens of minutes drive outside of Budapest you will find small village, named Szentendre. It is popular because of it interesting exhibition, Hungarian Open Air Museum. It is the best place to get to know a culture of it nation.