Best place to visit in Poland

Best place to visit in Poland

Since Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of it citizens move to United Kingdom for work. And because of that, people from London now have an opportunity to visit this eastern country. Cause Polish people are traveling a lot, back and forth, visiting their relatives, whom stood in Poland. A lot of small airline companies arrived in this country, so it is possible to travel there for a song now. If you have never been there before, you need to change it immediately. And your adventure with this land you should start with it capital.

Airline tickets London – Warsaw, could be found in very reasonable price, but you need to know, how to look for it. First of all, if you don’t have to, do not choose date of your trip for date around Christmas or Easter. cause in that periods, Polish people are coming back home, to spend holidays with there relatives, so tickets will be very expensive and hard to get. The best months to go to Warsaw is May and June, cause during the spring, weather in Poland is fantastic. Days are long and sunny, less people are visiting it, so you can get cheap air ticket and also accommodation. If you like to spend even more money, do not take a checked baggage. it can cost you a lot, and you don’t need it, if you are planning to spend in there less then seven days. Beside, carry-on luggage, in most of carriers, could be very big. You will fit in there all you need, even cosmetics – but don’t forget to pack your liquids inside small, plastic bottles.yellow-698565_640

You are probably wondering, if it is really good idea, to book airline tickets London – Warsaw. Well, it is. This city has very rich history, which can be seen in it architecture. Because of the fact, that it was build in sixteenth century, it has no main square, unlike Krakow or Wroclaw. Also, plenty of it historical buildings was destroyed during World war Two. But even so, you can visit in there nice objects. It has one of the biggest Royal Castles inside the Poland, renovated very well. Also, if you are a fan of Classicism architecture, you need to visit Lazienki – charming district of Warsaw, with beautiful mansions build in that period, surrounded by lake, on which you can take a trip on a boat. Also, do not miss Palace of Culture and Science – true signature of Warsaw, a great example of Socialist Realism in architecture.

If you are going to Poland for a very first time, you need to start with Warsaw. This is capital of the country, with plenty of interesting monuments inside. it is not so conventional as Krakow or Wroclaw, but you will like it.