Bucharest for businessmen

Bucharest for businessmen

Bucharest are getting more and more popular among European tourists, thanks to changes inside Romanian politics. Foreign people are feeling safe there, buildings are getting renovated, every year, there are more cultural events taking place in here. If you are planning to visit this beautiful town during your business trip, you don’t need to worry about your free time. Bucharest has so many tourist attractions, that you won’t be boring here, for sure.

Parliament Palace

It is one of the biggest buildings in the world, and it is headquarter of parliament. In 1980, there were 40000 families loosing their home, because regime decide that will ruined 7 thousands kilometers of old town, to build this object. It is eclectic, New-Classical style palace, all of the parts of it were from Romania,  it cost like 3 billions Euro to make it. Most of the rooms are open for visitors to see, after parliamentarians hours.

National Village Museum

This open air gallery, is situated at Bucharest suburbia. It was erected in 1936, it is one of the biggest and oldest object like that in entire Europe. In here are gathered 272 buildings from old times: houses, taverns, workshops, Orthodox churches, schools and so on. Most of it are originally from past centuries, some of it are new. If you are visiting Romania during spring or summertime, you have to visit this museum, it is great way to know some history of this country, and you will enjoy lovely weather.

Stavropoleos Monastery

It is great example of Orthodox sacral architecture in this part of Europe. It was erected in the end of eighteen century, it has plenty of Byzantine style icons, stained glasses and mosaics. It is very nice object, especially if you have never seen before Orthodox temple – it is spectacular view. In the area of it, there is also a library of ancient books and manuscripts, mainly sacral one.

Romanian Athenaeum

This is main music hall in Bucharest, erected in 1888. It was building from public donates at the area given by Vacarescu family. Whole building is Neoclassical, with romantic influences. The main hall is very spectacular, you should definitely go for a concert there, if you have a chance. In 2007 it was inscribed to European List of Heritages. It is main signature of the city, and one of the greatest secular building in the Romania.

Bucharest is a city with a great spirit and atmosphere. It is a mix of ancient influenced, soviet history and latest modern developments.