Bucharest – nice place for city break

Bucharest – nice place for city break

Nowadays, all Polish people are traveling back ad forth. We are visiting our relatives in United Kingdom, have exotic holidays in Thailand, and even sometimes going to Australia. If you are very busy during the summer, and you cannot take whole week off your work, the best option for you will be city break. Thanks to that, you will be able to travel whole around the Europe, to explore distant cities. Most of people are choosing Paris, Barcelona or Berlin, the biggest capitals in the continent. But another good idea, is to go to metropolis of Romania.

If you like to buy airline tickets Warsaw – Bucharest very cheap you need to be wise. Cause flights can be in really reasonable price, if only you know how to look for it. First of all, you need to pick a date. If you prefer to go there during the summer, you need to book your tickets very soon, even six months before your flight. Also, if you forget to do it, you can choose low season. In May, June or September weather is still very nice, but there are fewer tourists on the streets. And thanks to it, your tickets and accommodation will be much cheaper. Another idea to safe a lot of money, is to not take a checked baggage. If you are going in there only for couple days, you will be fine with carry – on baggage. You will fit inside all of your clothes and some cosmetics. Just don’t forget to put liquids into small, plastic bottles.orthodox-1291101_640

When you book your airline tickets Warsaw – Bucharest, you will have very great time. The capital is charming place, with friendly people and a lot of monuments. It is know as Paris od eastern Europe, mainly because it triumphal arch. It was raised in the middle of ninetieth century, and it is one of the biggest attractions of the city. Another interesting thing is Satului Museum – it is exhibition on open space, dedicated to the old village of Romania. If you like to relax, you should go to Herastrau Park, green area situated in the middle of the city, on the top of the hill – panorama is amazing. Also Lipsani district is worth to be explored. It is the oldest part of the city, from fifteenth century. On this area you will find plenty of lovely buildings, art galleries, coffee shops and small restaurants.

If you decide to book airline tickets Warsaw – Bucharest it will be very good call. Capital of Romania is an old, beautiful city, with plenty of interesting monuments and tourist attractions. It has magnificent architecture, and thanks to that, it is known as Paris of the eastern Europe.