Business trip to Milan

Business trip to Milan

Milan is know as one of fashion capitals in the world. It is also place of beautiful architecture, nice weather and friendly people. If you are an admirer of art, you will also find here something nice. Even if you are here just for your business trip, you need to have a tour around town, especially if you have never been here before.


One of the most spectacular temples in the world, for sure. It is the biggest sacral building at the world with hugest stained glasses. This Milan Cathedral was building in 1386 as an order of Visconti and was totally finished at the beginning of nineteenth century! Most of it was create in Gothic style, but couple parts are Baroque and New-Gothic. The main square next to it, was build in the middle of nineteenth century. It is open for tourist to visit, but you should be dressed properly, it is church after all.

La Scala

If you are a classical music lover, and you are spending couple days in Milan, you should definitely go visit some show in this opera. It is the greatest object like this on the world, the most famous, the best singers were singing their aria in here. Building of La Scala was raised in the end of eighteenth century in classical style. This object was a premiere for many important pieces like : madame Butterfly, Otello, Falstaff, Mefistoteles and many, many more.

Castello Sforzesco

This castle, made entirely from bricks, was build in the middle of fifteenth century for Sforza family. It is located at the center of Milan, it was ruined and rebuild many times, last time after Ward War Two, it was crushed by bombs but was renovated and changed into museum. Nowadays, there are great exhibition of finest Italian painters in here, you are able to view whole gallery in the prize of ticket. It is Sforza family heritages for Italian people.

Pirelli Tower

Milan is not just about old buildings and ancient temples, you will also find here much more modern objects. Pirelli Tower has 127 meters high, and back in 1960, when it was build, it was tallest building in Italy. It looks very nice in historical scenery, very good example of eclectic landscape. At the top of it, at 32 floor, there are a view point open for visitors to see. A spectacular panorama of the city is waiting there for you.

Milan is a nice, European city, with ancient remains of Roman Empire. It is great place for longer weekend, for vacations, or even business trip, so don’t hesitate to plan a getaway through this website.  A lot of heritages, pieces of art, great, classical music and delicious food – everyone will find something for himself.