Businessman in Copenhagen

Businessman in Copenhagen

Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is one of the most interested city in Scandinavia. Mix of different culture, friendly people, nice architecture and other tourist attractions – thanks to all of this things, it is one of the favorite traveler’s destination in this area. If you are planning to visit here in business, you have to arrange some free time, to have a tour around this beautiful city, you want regret it.

Tivoli Garden

This situated in the middle of Copenhagen amusement park and garden, is one of the favorites meeting spots for inhabitants. It is second the oldest object like that in the entire world, also it is third in the Europe in popularity. It was build in 1812, and was rebuild many times since then. One of the biggest attraction are: roller coaster made of wood, Demon, modern object only for fan of adrenaline, cruise took less then two minutes, but it is very entertainment. You will be able to ride here on the tallest (180 meters) carousel on the world.

National Museum of Denmark

This gallery is the biggest in whole Denmark, it is about Danish and European culture, it contains exhibitions from whole around the globe, it is located at the center of Copenhagen. It is divided on couple themes: archeology, ethnology, numismatics, nature science, conservation and ethnography. The biggest part of museum is about Vikings and ancient history of this country. It is open every day in the week.


This is a former residence of Danish royal family (till 1794), now it is headquarter of national parliament, it is located on small island called Slotholmen. Current building is third complex, cause in the past, several times it was ruined and rebuild again in different shape. Present castle was raised in modernism style with Gothic influenced in the beginning of twentieth century. Big part of it is open for visitors to see.


This interesting tower, build in the seventeenth century in the center of Copenhagen, it is most popular for it equestrian staircase. Since the time it was raised till now, it main function is astronomical observatory. It is part of bigger complex, with public library and university. Today, you are able to climb to the top floor, and admire beautiful landscape on town.

As you may notice, Copenhagen is a place, where no one could be bored. A lot of cultural spots, nice, old buildings, plenty of green areas, amusement parks – and many, many more attractions are waiting for you in here. Couples in love, group of friends, family with children – even busy businessman like you – everyone will find here something for themselves.