Busy week in Cracow

Busy week in Cracow

If you are planning to visit Cracow during your business trip, you have to make sure that you will spend couple hours on tour around town, not just at work. This previous capital of Poland, is one of the most interesting cities in this part of Europe. A lot of great buildings, interesting districts, museums, and sacral architecture – you have to visit some of that.


It is great place for all those who like a long walks in interesting areas. It use to be a Jewish district in Cracow, it was create by king Kazimierz the Great outside the city, as a place for all of unbelievers. In seventeenth century it became a part of capital. Nowadays all of Jews are gone, but spirit of this district is the same. Old workshops, small restaurants and coffee shops, tiny, narrow cobbled streets. Two nice synagogues, old market place, and many many more. You have to go there.

Wawel Castle

This former residence of Polish kings, is situated at the center of Cracow, at the top of a hill also named Wawel. It all begin in thirteenth century, when the first walls was build and royal family start to live there. It was rebuild many times during couple centuries, today it is eclectic structure, much more bigger than in Middle Ages. Nowadays, castle is a home for national museum, most of it parts are open for visitors to see for couple złotych for ticket.

Cloth Hall

Many of European cities build in name of Magdeburg rights, has cloth halls at the squares, but this one from Cracow, is one of the most spectacular. At the very same spot, even in tenth century it was a lot markets places. In thirteenth century, the first cloth hall was build, and it was recreated many times. In twentieth century it was a huge renovation, that changed look of this building, it became more Representative and spectacular, it has the look of medieval market no more.

Saint Mary Basilica

At the center of main square in Cracow, lays this beautiful catholic church. It was build at the beginning of fourteenth century at the remains of older Romain church.  It was rebuild and renovating many times since then, but nowadays, it still looks like a great piece of Medieval architecture. The most famous part of this basilica, is interior, it is one of the most spectacular Gothic design in entire world, it is really something worth to be seen.

Cracow is very cultural and beautiful city. Maybe it is capital of Poland no more, but the spirit of this country is still strongest in here. If you are planning to visit this town for business, you just have to tour it.