Duty free zone at the airports

Duty free zone at the airports

Most of as are travelling to different directions by plane. We are visiting relatives abroad, enjoying longer weekend in Paris, having holiday in different continent. But also journey maybe a big pleasure itself, especially when you are visiting a duty free section at the airport. Many people are traveling by this vehicle, just to have an opportunity to shopping there. Why it is so nice place? Is there are any limits for your groceries? Let’s find out!

Duty free zone is a magical place. It appears at your way at the moment when you are waiting for your flight, sometimes for many hours. You may hava a lunch there, grab some coffee, check out your mails. But most important think, is that you may do some shopping there. This place is filled with products in very low prices, most of them are luxury or expensive objects. if you like to buy the newest fragrance of your favorite designer, you will be able to buy it there even two times cheaper. You are a smoker, and you need to buy couple packs for your holiday? Don’t do it at the city, in here it will be in very low price. Also, you will be able to taste totally different labels from all around the world. You like to have a party with cocktails when you arrive at your friend’s apartment? No problem! Just buy one of your favorite liquors, it is very cheap in there.


But unfortunately, duty free zone is not a perfect place. of course, you are able to buy there objects couple times cheaper then somewhere else, but remember, you have to go to the plane with it. You cannot carry to much stuff with you on board, cause the flight attendant may not let you in. One or two small bags is all right, but don’t be to greedy, cause you may miss your flight because of it. Or your grocery. Also remember, that if you are going for vacations, and you only have carry on baggage, maybe buying new perfumes is not such a good idea? Cause when you will be coming back home, you need to pass security check, and they won’t let you bring such a big bottle to the plane – read more on. So stuff like that is better to buy when you are returning to your home town.

Duty free zone is very nice place. You may relax there before your stressful and long journey. Eat some delicious meal and have a drink. But also you can have a shopping day in low costs. But remember about some limits, because even if you have enough money for it, you may have not enough space in your carry on bag. So be mindful and enjoy your duty free purchases!