Fallowing the traces of ancestors

Fallowing the traces of ancestors

Many inhabitants of Wroclaw, are descendants of people, who use to live in Lviv. This beautiful Ukrainian city, once belong to the Poland. After World War Two, plenty families from there, moved out to Wroclaw, which was abandoned by Germans. Nowadays, their those people and their children are visiting old home of them, there are a lot trips arranging by travel agencies. It is really worth to go there, it has a lot of tourist attractions.

Boim Chapel

This beautiful example of sacral architecture, was build at the beginning of seventeenth century. It is a part of old town, listed on UNESCO Heritages site. It was raised at the cemetery area, for Boim’s family as their mausoleum, fourteen members of it were buried there. It was build in Renaissance style but also influenced by sculptural decoration of Dutch. It is open for visitors to see, without extra fees.

National Museum in Lviv

It contains mainly exhibition of the most famous painters of Ukraine, from Medieval till Modern art. But for polish tourist, it will be very interesting to see gallery of manuscripts from Middle Ages, mostly from Krakow and Prague. It is spectacular exhibitions of royal signatures, very important documents, old, sacral books, and many, many more. Also, building of Museum is very beautiful to see, raised in New-Baroque style.

Lychakiv Cemetery

This is the biggest object like that in Lviv, and one of the oldest. It is worldwide famous because of beauty of it graves. It is especially important place for Polish people, a lot of their ancestors were buried in here. It is very big, and spiritual area with plenty of trees and plants, and breathtaking sculptures. A lot of famous people from Poland have their graves in here, for example: poet Maria Konponicka, musician Stanislaw Niewiadomski, or writer Karol Szajnocha.

High Castle

This interesting, Gothic building, use to be one of the signature of Lviv. Unfortunately, now only ruins of it remains, but is still a great place to visit, because of it charm, and mystic atmosphere. It was build by polish king, Kazimierz the Great, when this land became part of his territory. It is situated at the tall hill, with nice view on landscape.

Lviv is an interesting place, not only for Polish tourists, also a lot of European travelers are visiting it. And there is nothing surprising about it, it is beautiful, historical city with a lot of interesting buildings and beautiful landscape. See airline tickets to Poland.