Finest holidays destination in 2018

Finest holidays destination in 2018

Most of the Polish people are planning a long holidays at least once a year. Nothing surprising in that, cause we like to rest in a beautiful, new destination and recharge our batteries for future year. However sometimes it is a little difficult to choose one destination, cause too many options are available. Here are the hottest countries in 2018.


This interesting country becoming more and more popular each year. Even if Polish travelers better like to visit States, Canada is a lot more available, cause we do not require special type of visa to get there. You only have to register your account online, give your passport number and pay dozen of dollars to get proper document. Even if Canada is very huge country, most of popular cities are situated in the eastern part of a country. If you like to explore Montreal, Ottawa, Quebec and Toronto you will find each in the area of couple hundred kilometers. And there are plenty of amazing attractions in there. Toronto is very hi-tech and filled with skyscrapers. Montreal is really “European”, wit amazing, classic architecture. In Quebec and Ottawa you may explore interesting galleries and museums.

United States

Of course if you have an energy to try to get visa St6ates will be perfect destination for future holidays. First of all you need to explore New York, probably the most popular city in the country. Flights  from lot airlines Europe are the cheapest while heading to NYC, so this option is perfect. You should go to the Manhattan for sure, explore skyscrapers, Statue of Liberty and grab a lunch in central park. After sightseeing in NYC you can book a domestic flight wherever you like, Maybe Los Angeles? It is a city where you may find some celebrity on each corner. You can grab a picture on the Valley of Fame, enjoy amazing time on a beach and even visit San Francisco. This city used to be a capital of hippies’ subculture, so it is very “European”.

Central and South America

Airline tickets to this part of the world got a lot cheaper several years ago, so you can visit it if you are looking for amazing holidays. In Mexico you may get to know more about Mai culture, enjoy your time on a Acapulco’s beach and taste a delicious, classical meal, like fajitas or tortillas. If you are a fan of colonial architecture, Peru is perfect spot for you. Especially Lima is very interesting and situated by the sea side. If you are fan of wild nature you can go for a trip to the forest in the mountain, it is very amazing experience.