Geneva for businessmen

Geneva for businessmen

If you are planning a short trip to Geneva, just to visit with some partner in business, you should think about tourist aspect of this beautiful city. If you have never been in here, you should definitely find some extra time after your meetings, just to explore this lovely town, it is really worth it, you won’t be boring here even for one second, it is guaranteed.

Jet of Geneva

It is the tallest fountain in Europe, it is main signature of this city. It was build in 2008 for Olympic events in Geneva. It could be seen from almost every part of town, but the most spectacular view is from the plane, you can go for a trip in the air, and admire the perfect view. It is 150 meters tall, and after dark it pump water in accompany of music, with beautiful, colorful lights. It is in the exact same place where two rivers meet.

Saint Peter Cathedral

It is main building of Reformed Church in Geneva, but it use to belong to Catholics. It was headquarter of John Calvin, even today you can find inside a wooden chair that belong to him. You will find here a three different architectonic styles : Romanesque core (1160), Gothic towers (1260) and New-Classical facade, added in eighteenth century. You can visit it whenever you like for free, but beware to dressed property.

Palace of Nations

It was build inter war, finished in 1938, it was from the beginning a headquarter of League Of Nations. Then, after World War Two, it became main place of United Nations. Couple days a year, plenty of political and diplomats from whole around the Globe, are meeting here to discuss important, international issues. Most the times of the years, tourists are welcome inside, cause most of the time there are no meetings inside.

boat Geneva
International Red Cross and Crescent Museum

It was opened in 1988 in Geneva, and was renovated couple times since then. It was a lot of controversies around it, because health organizations were mad, that main sponsor of rebuilding was tobacco industry. You are able to see a lot of interesting and exhibitions inside, such like: The Humanitarian Adventure – including three contemporary problems of humanity; history of whole movement of red cross and crescent, all about volunteers and so on.

Geneva is very old, historical place in the middle of Europe. Place of two different languages, divided for economical and touristic parts, one of the most important political quarter, in the middle of charming streets, and nice sculptures. This is the city of two worlds, and you must to explore each of it.