How to find themselves in Wroclaw?

How to find themselves in Wroclaw?

Many people who for the first time are in a new place they have trouble finding in the city. Is it possible to prevent this especially with kids?

Reaching such a place as Wroclaw we must be prepared for a bit of news. The airport is modern, but often other buildings associated with transport are not well cared for. All major European cities now have a problem with the homeless. They sleep not only at railway and metro stations but now also on the streets and in squats. And what about when we are in Wroclaw with the child? A must is the Sky Tower, which is the highest residential skyscraper in Poland, and on his penultimate floor has a terrace from which we can admire the city skyline. The height of 212 meters makes it the highest observation deck in Poland. This place is a landmark of the city and a great place to start exploring. Another great place is the Słodowa Island. The island is a great vantage point. It’s actually an island on the Oder, so we have to go over the bridge (or the other by a very nice footbridge), but once we get, we can let go of the child to the huge and sensational playground suitable for children of all ages from toddlers after teenagers. Each of them will spend a great afternoon there.


Directly next to the zoo’s Centennial Hall with a pond equipped with a multimedia fountain. In the summer the children running around with impunity himself in the water and in the evening we have a further orgy of colors and glories that accompany the fountain. This is a very pleasant place for recreation and totally noncommittal crawling youth. This place allows to rest caregivers and children are given another opportunity to play. To trip plan around Wroclaw necessarily should add Hydropolis, which is a multimedia learning center on water and ecology. Brilliant entertainment for young and old but if we take into account children is the most amount of visits people aged 7-15 years. Preschoolers will certainly be interested in touchscreens, fantastic films from the life of coral reefs and seas but do not understand the essence of trip. Center really amazes from the beginning of modern architecture and on the way of knowledge transfer ending.

Wroclaw is one of the most interesting places in Poland. It is worth a visit also with the whole family. Passes to the part in the above mentioned places are not the cheapest but definitely worth it to use them. But remember that this is not a trip for one day. To see all the attractions need to spend a little more time.