How to travel in low costs?

How to travel in low costs?

Every single day, people are flying back and forward, from one city to another, from Europe to United States. Most of European countries has couple of big airports in their main cities, and because of that, inhabitants are able to buy cheap international flights for they holiday or other occasions.

Most of the times, travelers are choosing airplane as their mode of transportation when they heading to vacations. They buying tickets in lower costs possible, and it is not so hard, cause couple European airline companies are offering cheap international flights. Most of the time price is low, but there are couple tips, how to make it even cheaper:

1. Avoid transaction fee – if you are buying your ticket on line, make sure, that you are using proper credit card – some of airline corporations, prefers current types of it, so beware, cause it could raise prize of your ticket for couple Euro.

2. Register luggage – Most of the times, prize of cheap international flights doesn’t contain costs of register luggage. But is not a problem at all. If you are planning one week holiday, you don’t need an extra baggage! All of the companies right now, are offering quiet big carry-on bag, with additional item, like backpack or bigger purse. Just remember, there are couple thinks forbidden on board (liquids, food, sharp edges).

3. Insurance – Of course, always it is better to have one, in case of some emergency. But no one ask you, to get an insurance in airline company, is very expensive in there! Unfortunately,  when you are booking your ticket, to avoid buying one by mistake, you need to unchecked field “insurance”. If you don’t you will get prize bigger than one hundred Euro.
4. The best date – If you like to book very cheap international flights, you need to know, when tickets are in lowest prizes. Most of the people, are choosing holiday in July and August, thats why costs are even two times higher it this date. Maybe you should consider to get your free time at work in May, June or September? The weather is still lovely, there is much less crowds at the seashore, and prize of tickets is much less expensive.

5. In couple last years, some airline companies offered long distance cheap international flights. You can get from Berlin to Tokyo for a song. If you are planning flight like that, you have to prepare. You are about to sit for a dozen hours in the plane, so maybe stretch your leg before flight, go for jogging or for a walk. Because of it, you will avoid the risk of getting clots in your veins, it is very dangerous thing, especially for women.

Nowadays, there are dozens of different countries where you can book cheap international flights. It is much more cheaper, comfortable and fast then traditional journey by car or train.