Interesting spots in Katowice

Interesting spots in Katowice

Poland is very beautiful country, filled with many interesting cities. The most tourists from whole around the Europe are visiting Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, the biggest and the most popular spots. But if you already have been in these places, and you like to explore something else, try on Katowice! it is also very nice town, with big airport, so you may track down some cheap airline tickets to there. There are plenty of interesting spots that any kind of traveler will find very attractive.

Katowice is typical, post industrial city, so you may find here plenty of old factories and Socrealism architecture. One of it astonishing example is Nikiszowiec, complex of apartments that were build for workers from former mine, back in thirties in twentieth century. It is really nice example of Modernism movement in this part of Europe. All buildings are covered with red bricks, it looks very charming. Another great piece of architecture of this period is National Symphonic Orchestra’s head quarter. This spectacular, huge and wide building looks even greater from the inside, you need to see it, definitely. And if you are an art admirer, you could visit Silesia Museum. You will find there plenty of interesting masterpieces not only of artist from this area, but also from entire Poland. Nice paintings, sculptures, and very beautiful interior design are only few examples of what is waiting there for you. Poland_Chojnice_-_town_hall

But Katowice are known not only for great art, but also for spectacular musical events. You will find there Spodek, localized in the center of the city, the bigger concert hall in entire Poland. If you get lucky, you could have an opportunity to admire on of big festivals taking place in there. First is Metalmania, the best gigs for admirers of hard rock music. Plenty of various artist from entire Europe are visiting it. it is taking place in February. During the summer time, you could visit Off Festival, great gig of alternative rock music. If you like to listen to some sophisticated music, you need to go there. If you like to relax a bit during hot, summer day, you could visit the Valley of Three Lakes, you could swim there in a lake, or rent a boat, and spend fantastic day with your beloved one.

Katowice is very nice city, filled with a lot of interesting touristic spots. You could admire interesting architecture in there, swim in the lake or go for a fantastic gig. No matter if you are young, or old, everyone will find there something for themselves.