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Kiev- area, where we can learn a new story.


Kiev- area, where we can learn a new story.

The most popular place, where we want to go to the trip is Kiev. This city is located on the Dnieper, the capital and also the largest place of Ukraine. Metropolis is proud cradle of Slavic civilization famous old church covered by a glittering golden domes, sacred caves hiding mummified remains of monks.
The dramatic events in Ukraine will encourage tourists to visit this beautiful country. It’s sad, because our eastern neighbor has a lot of really fantastic places to see – such as the picturesque Crimea. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that soon the situation has improved, making traveling to Ukraine will be possible again.

A main point of during a visit to Kiev is to walk around Chreściatyk, the city’s main road. This street was built after the war – its socialist realism architecture. Going along the boardwalk, you feel really tiny because the shadow of large buildings – residential and commercial – really overwhelming.
Chreściak leads to the Maidan Independence, a place of joyful events in 2008 and terror at the turn of 2013 and 2014 year. Then nothing yet no signs of a disaster – it was clear that the Maidan is a favorite meeting place for young people of Kyiv. Everywhere coming to music, people shopped at stalls and the fountain was tempted by a refreshing coolness of its water. A real idyll of concrete and stone.

Kiev is an attractive place for businessmen who do business with local oligarchs. Ticket prices are also not expensive. The cheapest are between 150 and 200 zlotys. I think that you will get even cheaper. If you want to look for a good hotel, which provide accommodation for business trips and have a congress hall, we can find such in the center of Kiev with beautiful views in the window. Example is the Bon Apart Hotel and the Old Hotel, where room rates are between 70 and 120 euros per night. Kiev is well-connected to the subway and, in principle, other means of transport (buses) are not needed. Definitely worth a try something local to eat. The local dish is Ukrainian borscht. We can eat in Puzata Chata, which has a lot of favorable opinion. It is a kind of network of Ukrainian food restaurant, so you should look there. Pechersk Lavra was a must on the route Kiev trip. The complex Pechersk Lavra is worth hours of sightseeing and definitely worth it to spend at least a few hours. You can spend a whole day, losing in exploring dozens of churches.
When we come to Kiev only in matters of business should also find time for it to be able to visit some beautiful spots in the Eastern European city.