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Hungary 2

Spend your holidays in sunny Hungary

In present times it is hard to decide which destination choose for future holidays. Thanks to airline companies we have plenty of options, and decision could be very difficult. If you are interested in some less typical location, you should visit Hungary, this small city is filled with interesting cities, monuments and a wonderful wildlife.

Plan your ideal vacation!

At the end of the winter, when we are tired of cold, short day, most of us begin to thinking about future holidays. Many people prefer to visit some exotic country, with wonderful weather, amazing landscape and interesting monuments. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet we can find great deals on holidays like that, we only have to plan our journey a lot earlier.


Short sightseeing in Paris

City break is getting more popular among Polish tourists. It is idea of travelling to big metropolis for short time, like longer weekend. Thanks to cheap airline companies we are able to travel for a song, whole around the Europe. One of the most popular destinations is Paris, one of the most popular metropolis in entire world.


Brussels – why is it worth visiting?

Many people think that Brussels is all about institutions of the European Union and just  a place for meeting among politicians. They often forget, that Brussels has much more to offer for every visitor. And those things does not have to be connected neither with current politics or the European Union.


Best cities to visit in Netherlands

Many people, who make a decision to visit Netherlands, usually limit their travel to Amsterdam, the capital city. It makes sense, if you have a very limited time, for example it is just a weekend trip. However, it is important to know that Netherlands have many other amazing cities and towns, which are equally interesting and beautiful.