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Paris - Eiffel Tower

Paris: the legendary and mysterious city

Impressive architecture, beautiful parks and interesting places for children – everything can be found in this city. The capital city of France is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Airplane traveling

Travelling by plane – plan the trip

First journey to the distance country can be very stressful, especially if we never fly plane before. However, with proper planning everything will be fine, and we may even appreciate the entire trip. But how to buy plane ticket in the best price? How to pack baggage? And what to do during twelve hours lasting journey?

Frankfurt 2

One weekend in Frankfurt

Germany is very old and interesting country, with plenty of destinations to explore. Polish travelers choose this land very often, cause the distance between both countries are not very big. One of the most interesting metropolis in Germany is Frankfurt, you should consider to visit in during some longer weekend.


Hungary 2

Spend your holidays in sunny Hungary

In present times it is hard to decide which destination choose for future holidays. Thanks to airline companies we have plenty of options, and decision could be very difficult. If you are interested in some less typical location, you should visit Hungary, this small city is filled with interesting cities, monuments and a wonderful wildlife.

Plan your ideal vacation!

At the end of the winter, when we are tired of cold, short day, most of us begin to thinking about future holidays. Many people prefer to visit some exotic country, with wonderful weather, amazing landscape and interesting monuments. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet we can find great deals on holidays like that, we only have to plan our journey a lot earlier.