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Sightseeing in Asia

Holidays are probably one of the finest moments during entire year. Nothing weird in that, it is perfect opportunity to see some interesting monuments, rest a lot and recharge the batteries.

Finest holidays destination in 2018

Most of the Polish people are planning a long holidays at least once a year. Nothing surprising in that, cause we like to rest in a beautiful, new destination and recharge our batteries for future year.

The sights you have to see in Poland

Poland is a wonderful country. There are placed numerous tourist attractions for people at various age and needs.

Spain – the most interesting places to visit

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is located on the western part of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean.


The finest monuments in Moscow

Summer holidays is a perfect occasion to lay on a beach in some southern resort. However, nice and sunny weather is also great opportunity to visit northern cities, which are usually too cold for Polish travelers.

Cracow trip

Short trip to amazing Cracow

After Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of travellers from the continent get an opportunity to visit this country a lot easier and cheaper. All credits goes to small, airline companies, which started to create nice connections between Poland and other, European countries.

Hungary night

Amazing holidays in Hungary

Nowadays, when we are planning our future, summer holidays, it is very difficult to decide where to go. Since last decade small airline companies created many different connections from Poland, that is why we can travel for a song.

Vilnius City

Vilnius – the city in the north of Europe

Summer is a great occassion to travel and discover new places. One of them is definitely Vilnius, the capital city of Lithuania.

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Spend nice weekend in Paris

France is very interesting country, which is visited by millions of travelers every year. At the area of country you will find many great tourist destinations, however the most popular is Paris, the capital. When you are about to visit this beautiful city you have to be prepare for long and fascinating sightseeing.


Sightseeing in Poznan

Poland is filled with interesting cities, which are offering to travellers plenty of attractions. The most popular destination is Krakow and Wroclaw, but Poznan is getting more and more popular each year. Nothing surprising in that, this town has lovely architecture, interesting galleries and a lot of great cultural and restaurant spots.

Paris - Eiffel Tower

Paris: the legendary and mysterious city

Impressive architecture, beautiful parks and interesting places for children – everything can be found in this city. The capital city of France is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Airplane traveling

Travelling by plane – plan the trip

First journey to the distance country can be very stressful, especially if we never fly plane before. However, with proper planning everything will be fine, and we may even appreciate the entire trip. But how to buy plane ticket in the best price? How to pack baggage? And what to do during twelve hours lasting journey?

One weekend in Frankfurt

Germany is very old and interesting country, with plenty of destinations to explore. Polish travelers choose this land very often, cause the distance between both countries are not very big. One of the most interesting metropolis in Germany is Frankfurt, you should consider to visit in during some longer weekend.


Spend your holidays in sunny Hungary

In present times it is hard to decide which destination choose for future holidays. Thanks to airline companies we have plenty of options, and decision could be very difficult. If you are interested in some less typical location, you should visit Hungary, this small city is filled with interesting cities, monuments and a wonderful wildlife.

Plan your ideal vacation!

At the end of the winter, when we are tired of cold, short day, most of us begin to thinking about future holidays. Many people prefer to visit some exotic country, with wonderful weather, amazing landscape and interesting monuments. Nowadays, thanks to the Internet we can find great deals on holidays like that, we only have to plan our journey a lot earlier.

Short sightseeing in Paris

City break is getting more popular among Polish tourists. It is idea of travelling to big metropolis for short time, like longer weekend. Thanks to cheap airline companies we are able to travel for a song, whole around the Europe. One of the most popular destinations is Paris, one of the most popular metropolis in entire world.

Brussels – why is it worth visiting?

Many people think that Brussels is all about institutions of the European Union and just  a place for meeting among politicians. They often forget, that Brussels has much more to offer for every visitor. And those things does not have to be connected neither with current politics or the European Union.

Best cities to visit in Netherlands

Many people, who make a decision to visit Netherlands, usually limit their travel to Amsterdam, the capital city. It makes sense, if you have a very limited time, for example it is just a weekend trip. However, it is important to know that Netherlands have many other amazing cities and towns, which are equally interesting and beautiful.

What to do in London?

London has many attraction and amazing activities for every tourist and visitor. In fact, the choice is so diversified and so wide, that sometimes it might be difficult to even make a decision what to do and where to go! However, this is it, what makes London so unique and so attractive for millions of tourists.

What to do in Lviv?

Every year, more and more tourists from all over the world make a decision tod iscover the unique atmosphere and character of Lviv, the city in Western Ukraine. Even though it is not as popular as many other European cities, it quickly changes. Therefore, if you have not been to Lviv yet, this is probably the best moment to do it, before even more crowds of tourists will discover this amazing city.

Vanguard idea for city break? Visit Chisinau

After Poland became part of European Union, a lot of things had change in here. One of those is a fact, that small airline corporations had opened their connections in here. Thanks to that, now we are able to travel whole around the world, and sometimes for a penny. But even so, a lot of people are trying to visit less popular cities, bu with a lot of potential. One of those is Moldova, the country with very big potential.

Business trip to Sofia

Nowadays, people from Poland are traveling whole around the world. All because, now we are part of European Union, and a lot of small airline companies opened their connections in our country. But also, cause now we are able to make important deals, with foreign businessmen. If you are working in an important, international company, you probably more then once were send abroad for business trip. If you are planning to visit Bulgaria now, here are several important hints.

Japan – a country worth to visit

Japan is becoming more and more popular tourist destination every year. More and more people start to appreciate its uniqueness and beauty. Therefore, if you have not been there yet, it might be a perfect time to consider such trip.

Israel – nicest desination for holidays

When Poland became member of European Union, everything had change. Now, we are able to travel whole around the world for a penny. This is all because cheap airlines companies, which opened their branches in our country. If you like to visit your relatives in Australia, or have a holidays of your lifetime in United States, you don’t need to spend a fortune anymore. And if you decide to go to some less distant place, you will pay for it even less.

Bucharest – nice place for city break

Nowadays, all Polish people are traveling back ad forth. We are visiting our relatives in United Kingdom, have exotic holidays in Thailand, and even sometimes going to Australia. If you are very busy during the summer, and you cannot take whole week off your work, the best option for you will be city break. Thanks to that, you will be able to travel whole around the Europe, to explore distant cities. Most of people are choosing Paris, Barcelona or Berlin, the biggest capitals in the continent. But another good idea, is to go to metropolis of Romania.

Best place to visit in Poland

Since Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of it citizens move to United Kingdom for work. And because of that, people from London now have an opportunity to visit this eastern country. Cause Polish people are traveling a lot, back and forth, visiting their relatives, whom stood in Poland. A lot of small airline companies arrived in this country, so it is possible to travel there for a song now. If you have never been there before, you need to change it immediately. And your adventure with this land you should start with it capital.

Trip to United States? Choose Chicago

Nowadays, most of us has much more travel destinations then it was dozen years ago. Thanks to cheap airline companies, we are able to explore interesting European capitals for a penny. Also, we can take a trip to far more distant lands, like America or Australia. It is possible because, we have an opportunity to book plane tickets in very reasonable prize, if we know how to look for it. You are interesting in United States? You should go to Chicago. You will find plenty of interesting flight options from Poland and Berlin.

Nice place for city break? Choose Milan

Every single year, more and more people from Poland are taking trips abroad, not only for work, but also to explore another places. Some of them are choosing intercontinental flights, to go to Australia and have a holidays of their lifetime. Another one, better like to meet another culture, and choose Asia, visiting China or japan. But if we don’t have entire week to spend on our voyage, we can choose city break option. Thanks to it, we can visit a lot of various places during the year, spending in each not more then three days.

Take care of your entertainment on a plane

Nowadays, plenty of people, also from Poland, are travelling whole around the world. We are visiting our relatives in Australia, having magnificent holidays in Spain, or romantic weekend in Paris. Also, a lot of people are businessmen, travelling in work. You are about to visit Moldavia, to have a meeting with your future contractor? You need to take care of your free time during the flight, in case you choose economic class. Because maybe the trip is not very long, but it will be a lot more pleasant, when you won’t be boring during it.

All extra services you may choose for your flight

A lot of people from Poland are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in Australia, having romantic weekend in Rome, or going for to find a job in United Kingdom. In most of this occasions, we are choosing a plane as our mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that, it is very fast, comfortable and safe method. But if you like to travel by this vehicle, you need to fallow certain rules, totally different then in bus or a car. Also, you have plenty of extra services available.

Which type of bag choose for a trip to Brussels?

Nowadays, most of us while planning any type of a trip, most of the times are choosing airplane as mode of transportation. Nothing surprising in that. It is very convenient and fast option – from one part of the Europe to another we are travelling since three hours, it is much more fast then trip by a bus. Also, thanks to the cheap airline companies, we have option to book flights in very reasonable prices. But preparation for journey by a plane is different then by bus. You need to know, witch type of luggage select. You are planning trip to Brussels? depending on your case of journey, another variant will be better.

Prepare for your flight

A lot of us are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in different cities, having longer weekend in Berlin, or holiday in Israel. If we are choosing plane as our mode of transportation, we need to know several rules. There are many differences between each connections. Different policy is in case of domestic flights, another in the European union zone, different outside of it. Also, if we are planning a trip that is lasting longer then several hours, we also should to be prepared very closely.

Interesting spots in Katowice

Poland is very beautiful country, filled with many interesting cities. The most tourists from whole around the Europe are visiting Wroclaw, Krakow and Warsaw, the biggest and the most popular spots. But if you already have been in these places, and you like to explore something else, try on Katowice! it is also very nice town, with big airport, so you may track down some cheap airline tickets to there. There are plenty of interesting spots that any kind of traveler will find very attractive.

City from the other side – Prague

Inspiring atmosphere of Prague today undoubtedly rubbed off on its cultural life. Here you can get to know the works of old masters and artistic innovations in numerous galleries, unique museum exhibits, pleasing to the ear operatic arias and energetic atmosphere of jazz evenings. You can also dance the night away in one of the dance clubs.

Typical Barcelona, so what a tourist must see

Barcelona is not just a football club, sun, beaches and events. It is also the cradle of the Catalan culture and a place with a lot of fantastic sights.

How to travel in low costs?

Every single day, people are flying back and forward, from one city to another, from Europe to United States. Most of European countries has couple of big airports in their main cities, and because of that, inhabitants are able to buy cheap international flights for they holiday or other occasions.

Most of the times, travelers are choosing airplane as their mode of transportation when they heading to vacations. They buying tickets in lower costs possible, and it is not so hard, cause couple European airline companies are offering cheap international flights. Most of the time price is low, but there are couple tips, how to make it even cheaper:

Nice week in Wroclaw

If you are planning longer or shorter trip to Wroclaw, even if it will be only for business, you should find some free time to explore this beautiful city. It has a colorful history, it use to be part of three different countries! It is very multicultural place with many students from aboard, a lot of friendly inhabitants, nice restaurants, spectacular architecture and interesting night life. You have to leave your hotel room during your free hours, and see all of this tourist attractions for your own eyes.

Sky Tower

If you like to admire a spectacular view on entire Wroclaw, you should consider to visit Sky Tower, the tallest building in Poland. It has 45 floors, and at 43th there is a observation point, in prize of 10 zł. So if you will be in the city during nice, cloudless weather, you should definitely visit this building. Also, if you have enough money, you can rent an apartment there, at the top floor, just for couple days. But it cost likes couple hundreds zlotych per night, but the view is unforgettable.

Stockholm for businessmen

Scandinavia is a beautiful land, but for some people may be to cold in most of the times. But if you are not afraid of getting cold, and you are admirer of nice architecture, great food and friendly people, you will feel like home in Stockholm, even during winter season. If you are going for business trip there, make sure to arrange some free time to have tour around town, it is really worth it.


If you like to feel like you are truly at seashore, you must to visit Vasa Museum. It is an exhibition of ship found in 1960 an renovated to the primary condition. Gallery is not only about Vasa, it is also a huge exhibition of any items connected with a sea – reconstruction of animals, other ships, photographs of underworld, interactive galleries. You can also get some souvenirs in one of many local gift shops, or have some delicious lunch in restaurant nearby.

Riga for business meetings

Riga, capital of Latvia, is a nice, historical city. Maybe it is not very popular, especially among people from Western Europe, but it has great touristic potential inside. Plenty of old building, renovated perfectly, delicious, local food, friendly people, a lot of cultural events. Even if you are just coming here for a business meetings, you need to have a tour around city – you won’t regret it!

Saint Peter Church

It is the oldest church in Riga, build in eleventh century, it was rebuild and renovated couple times since then. Because of that, temple is divided for three parts: two are in Gothic style, third is in Baroque style. Big part of it was ruined during World War Two, two towers was destroyed by bombs, and all of the expensive items of interior design was stolen by Red Army soldiers. It was renovated in 50’s, but all those precious objects never return. Church is open for visitors to see every day at week, since 8 till 20.

Bucharest for businessmen

Bucharest are getting more and more popular among European tourists, thanks to changes inside Romanian politics. Foreign people are feeling safe there, buildings are getting renovated, every year, there are more cultural events taking place in here. If you are planning to visit this beautiful town during your business trip, you don’t need to worry about your free time. Bucharest has so many tourist attractions, that you won’t be boring here, for sure.

Parliament Palace

It is one of the biggest buildings in the world, and it is headquarter of parliament. In 1980, there were 40000 families loosing their home, because regime decide that will ruined 7 thousands kilometers of old town, to build this object. It is eclectic, New-Classical style palace, all of the parts of it were from Romania,  it cost like 3 billions Euro to make it. Most of the rooms are open for visitors to see, after parliamentarians hours.

Odessa for businessmen

There are many charming places, all around the world, that businessmen are visiting year by year during their firm meetings. Most of the times, they are not only making business, but also having fun in newly saw town. Odessa, is a perfect places for travelers like that. Beautiful landscape, wide beaches, friendly people and great weather – who needs more?

City Garden

This is the oldest park in Odessa, funded in 1803, it is situated at downtown. It is favorite meeting spot of citizens, families are playing with their children, couples in love having romantic picnic at grass, sportsmen are jogging. The place is packed, especially during spring and summer time weekends. It is very lovely places, full of charming benches, nice fountains, beautiful sculptures. From May till September, there are summer theater performing by local Orchestra, tickets are for free, so you better go there if you have an opportunity.

Business trip to Milan

Milan is know as one of fashion capitals in the world. It is also place of beautiful architecture, nice weather and friendly people. If you are an admirer of art, you will also find here something nice. Even if you are here just for your business trip, you need to have a tour around town, especially if you have never been here before.


One of the most spectacular temples in the world, for sure. It is the biggest sacral building at the world with hugest stained glasses. This Milan Cathedral was building in 1386 as an order of Visconti and was totally finished at the beginning of nineteenth century! Most of it was create in Gothic style, but couple parts are Baroque and New-Gothic. The main square next to it, was build in the middle of nineteenth century. It is open for tourist to visit, but you should be dressed properly, it is church after all.

Geneva for businessmen

If you are planning a short trip to Geneva, just to visit with some partner in business, you should think about tourist aspect of this beautiful city. If you have never been in here, you should definitely find some extra time after your meetings, just to explore this lovely town, it is really worth it, you won’t be boring here even for one second, it is guaranteed.

Jet of Geneva

It is the tallest fountain in Europe, it is main signature of this city. It was build in 2008 for Olympic events in Geneva. It could be seen from almost every part of town, but the most spectacular view is from the plane, you can go for a trip in the air, and admire the perfect view. It is 150 meters tall, and after dark it pump water in accompany of music, with beautiful, colorful lights. It is in the exact same place where two rivers meet.

Short trip to Gdansk

When you are traveling in business, you have an opportunity to explore a lot of nice places after hours. If you are planning trip like that to Gdansk, you won’t be boring. Nice architecture, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and many, many more. This seashore resort is perfect place for young and busy tourists, with it nightlife and many cultural events.


This peninsula was created in the middle of nineteenth century, in 1924, when Gdansk became an independent city, it was place of military arsenal. In the September of 1939, it became a signature of proud people who defense this object from Nazis. The defend took like whole month, the team of soldiers fighting here was all alone, there was no help from anyone.  In 2003 this peninsula was signed as important place of history. If you like to visit it, you should see a cemetery and stature of defenders.

Magic business trip on Cyprus

If you are a busy manager, probably you are spending a lot of your time on business trips. Sometimes you are visiting places not interesting at all, sometimes the opposites. When you are going to the Larnaca, it has to be the second option. This magical, ancient capital of Cyprus is one of the favorites tourists destinations in Europe, so even if you are having a lot of appointments with partners, you have to find some time to tour this city.

Church of Saint Lazarus

This Orthodox temple was build in eighth century, and according to the legend, it is situated in exact same spot, where Lazarus (man who were resurrected by Jesus) died. It is probably, because this man after it happened, was for many years a bishop of Larnaca. Later, it became Catholic temple in Middle Ages, all of Gothic parts are from this period. In seventeenth century it was renovated, and again became an Orthodox Church. It is beautiful building, most of it parts are open for tourist to see for free, but you have to remember to wear proper clothes inside.

One week in Sofia

Since last decade, more and more businessmen are cooperate with East European countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria. The market in there is in bloom, there are the best places to start firms in. If you are planning to visit Sofia, capital of last country, you shouldn’t just focus of business meeting, but also on tourist aspects of this beautiful city. It has plenty of attractions, that are visiting for travelers from all around the Europe.

National Archaeological Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, or you just want to see some piece of archeology, you should definitely visit this object. In here, you will be able to see a lot of ancient exhibits, not only from Belarus. In Prehistory Hall you will find pieces from Paleolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age. Jewelery of old tribes, their items of everyday activities and so on. Another part is centered around Bronze Age. The bigger gallery is about early Middle Age era, with plenty of fresco and other sacral pieces of art.

Fallowing the traces of ancestors

Many inhabitants of Wroclaw, are descendants of people, who use to live in Lviv. This beautiful Ukrainian city, once belong to the Poland. After World War Two, plenty families from there, moved out to Wroclaw, which was abandoned by Germans. Nowadays, their those people and their children are visiting old home of them, there are a lot trips arranging by travel agencies. It is really worth to go there, it has a lot of tourist attractions.

Boim Chapel

This beautiful example of sacral architecture, was build at the beginning of seventeenth century. It is a part of old town, listed on UNESCO Heritages site. It was raised at the cemetery area, for Boim’s family as their mausoleum, fourteen members of it were buried there. It was build in Renaissance style but also influenced by sculptural decoration of Dutch. It is open for visitors to see, without extra fees.

Minsk for businessmen

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is old, historical city with many interesting tourist spots. If you are planning your business trip there, you won’t be boring during your free time, it is guaranteed. Maybe it is not one of the most popular cities in the Europe, but in last couple days, travelers are more interested in it than before, because political situation there were stabilized. Here are couple of thing worth to bee seen during your tour.

Traveling by airplane

There are a lot of vacation options : you can drive a car whole around the Europe, You can hitchhiking with a friend to random destination. If you are choosing specified place, you can go there bu bus, train car or airplane. There are a lot of option, but the faster and the most comfortable it is to book an airline flights and fly wherever you like in couple hours, its not even expensive, if you know how to buy ticket properly. It is your first time? These are couple hints below, that will help you to travel save and for a song.

One week in London

Nowadays, when a lot of Polish people are moving to United Kingdom to work there, we are able to buy airline tickets in very low prices. It is good opportunity to visit London, beautiful, historical city, the capital of country.  It is only take couple hours to get there, and it is really worth to be seen, with all those interesting tourist attractions there. No one will be boring there.

Tower Bridge

This majestic building, is one of the signatures of London, everyone at least once saw it in movie or at Internet. It was raised at the end of nineteenth century in Victorian architecture style. It was created in a way that was similar to the Tower Castle nearby – Steel construction with New-Gothic stone elements. Most characteristic about it are to towers connected with platforms for pedestrians, situated forty-four meters above the river. The view from up there is spectacular.

Air ticket- pass for a great holiday.

Historically, wondering how to get to the neighboring country by car, bus or train. Now, the most convenient type of transport is plane.
Sitting at work frequently visited websites where you can buy air ticket. When will we see occasions immediately buy them, and only then really plan out the entire stay. Other day this things  would be unthinkable. It is important to think rationally when buying, because sometimes the airlines are smarter and more want to earn more on promotions. On this page enter the departure city of Bangkok, a city under the heading of arrival, enter the password “everywhere.”

Kiev- area, where we can learn a new story.

The most popular place, where we want to go to the trip is Kiev. This city is located on the Dnieper, the capital and also the largest place of Ukraine. Metropolis is proud cradle of Slavic civilization famous old church covered by a glittering golden domes, sacred caves hiding mummified remains of monks.
The dramatic events in Ukraine will encourage tourists to visit this beautiful country. It’s sad, because our eastern neighbor has a lot of really fantastic places to see – such as the picturesque Crimea. Let’s keep our fingers crossed for that soon the situation has improved, making traveling to Ukraine will be possible again.

Warsaw-capital city of business in Poland.

It is worth to spend a few days to meet the unique atmosphere. The diversity of the city and its rich offer makes everyone will find something for themselves. Historic palaces and churches meet modern architecture, and cozy cafes compete with fashionable music-filled clubs. Whatever your purpose of visit, Warsaw will leave a lasting impression on you.

Vilnius- City of Dreams

The capital of Lithuania, a city about 700 – year history, for centuries associated with the Polish, valuable collection of historic buildings of the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is a major center of Polish science and culture in Lithuania. It is a business and financial center of the Baltic states. Vilnius is also the only European capital located at the boundary of two ancient civilizations: Latin and Byzantine. In ancient and multicultural city today is a living spirit of tolerance for different nations and religions.

How to find the best deal in airflights?

Nowadays, people are to busy to spend entire day to traveling from one destination to another. 10 years ago, the most popular form of vacation was fourteen days long leave, today it is only half of it, especially along young people, without kids. In presents, economy is very low, so people are working much more to have the same money as in the past. And because of that, most of them are choosing airplanes as their mode of transportation to the destination place. It is much more faster than driving a car or bus, and it could be in very reasonable prize. Here are couple tips, how to book cheap airfares tickets.

Where to go for holiday?

When you are planning your vacations, most important issue is where to spend it? Nowadays, we have plenty of tourist destination, where we could spend nice time, and thanks to cheap flights, we can travel there for a song. But if there are so many option, which one should we pick?


You can get there from airports in Wroclaw, Katowice and Warsaw. If you search for offers couple months ahead, you can find very cheap flights. This beautiful city is located over the Mediterranean Sea. Signature of Barcelona is spectacular, Art Nouveau architecture by Antonio Gaudi. Buildings like this, you won’t find anywhere else – architect was inspired by Catalan art, along with Gothic. Spain, in spite of Euro, is really economical country, even for polish tourists.

Beijing – city which develops your ability.

The capital of China gives the impression of the city suspended between the past and the future. Giving a powerful leap forward, however, it leaves the story further and further behind. Constantly changing, becoming an important point on the map of modern cities in the world. To find in it traces of traditional China, you need to look for more and more.

Businessman in Copenhagen

Capital of Denmark, Copenhagen, is one of the most interested city in Scandinavia. Mix of different culture, friendly people, nice architecture and other tourist attractions – thanks to all of this things, it is one of the favorite traveler’s destination in this area. If you are planning to visit here in business, you have to arrange some free time, to have a tour around this beautiful city, you want regret it.

Busy week in Cracow

If you are planning to visit Cracow during your business trip, you have to make sure that you will spend couple hours on tour around town, not just at work. This previous capital of Poland, is one of the most interesting cities in this part of Europe. A lot of great buildings, interesting districts, museums, and sacral architecture – you have to visit some of that.

London after hours

When you are visiting London for business issues, you have to find a couple hours to visit the city, especially if you never been here before. It is one of the most popular towns on the world, with interesting history, friendly people and spectacular architecture. Everyone will find something for himself in here. So don’t sit in your hotel room, go out and explore this beautiful city.