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Best place to visit in Poland

Since Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of it citizens move to United Kingdom for work. And because of that, people from London now have an opportunity to visit this eastern country. Cause Polish people are traveling a lot, back and forth, visiting their relatives, whom stood in Poland. A lot of small airline companies arrived in this country, so it is possible to travel there for a song now. If you have never been there before, you need to change it immediately. And your adventure with this land you should start with it capital.

One week in London

Nowadays, when a lot of Polish people are moving to United Kingdom to work there, we are able to buy airline tickets in very low prices. It is good opportunity to visit London, beautiful, historical city, the capital of country.  It is only take couple hours to get there, and it is really worth to be seen, with all those interesting tourist attractions there. No one will be boring there.

Tower Bridge

This majestic building, is one of the signatures of London, everyone at least once saw it in movie or at Internet. It was raised at the end of nineteenth century in Victorian architecture style. It was created in a way that was similar to the Tower Castle nearby – Steel construction with New-Gothic stone elements. Most characteristic about it are to towers connected with platforms for pedestrians, situated forty-four meters above the river. The view from up there is spectacular.