London after hours

London after hours

When you are visiting London for business issues, you have to find a couple hours to visit the city, especially if you never been here before. It is one of the most popular towns on the world, with interesting history, friendly people and spectacular architecture. Everyone will find something for himself in here. So don’t sit in your hotel room, go out and explore this beautiful city.

London Eye

Also known as Millennium Wheel, is a spectacular structure build to celebrate a new era. It was opened in 31th December, 1999, by prime minister, Tony Blair, but for tourist it was available in March 2000. It is one of the biggest ferris wheel on the world, it is 135 meters high, And it whole turn last more then half hour. It contains many boxes for passengers, and it is the best observational point in London at the moment. It runs very slowly, so it doesn’t need to stop to take another visitors.

Her Majesty’s Royal Palace and Fortress

Also known as a Tower of London, it use to be residence of kings till fifteenth century, it was build in 1078 for William the Conqueror. Later it became a place for political prisons, a lot of famous people was kept here: Henry the Fourth, Ann Boleyn, Thomas Moore and Cromwell, Jane Grey and Rudolph Hess. They said, that no one can escape from here, because it is surrounded by river. Nowadays it is also inhabited by two guards with families, resident governor, priest and doctor. Most parts of it are open for visitors to see.

Big Ben

This watchtower, situated in the middle of London, is one of it main signatures. In 2012 it official name is Elisabeth Tower – this year were celebrated 60th anniversary of reign of British Queen. It was build in the beginning of nineteenth century, after fire that ruined Westminster Palace. It was designed in New-Gothic style, and Clock was create by top experts in this area. It is open for tourists to seen, but they are planning big renovation in 2016.

Tate Modern

Is National Museum of international modern paintings. It use to be a part of Tate Gallery – group of exhibition situated in London, Liverpool, Manchester and ST Ives. It is the second biggest museum like that, after New York’s own gallery. You will find there paintings of great artists like: Bourgeois, Balka, Nauman, Salcedo and many, many more.

This spectacular
As you may notice, there is no chance to be boring in London. Rich-full nightlife, lot of museums and galleries,  nice pieces of architecture from any periods of time and many, many more. And doesn’t matter if you are man or woman, old or young – everyone will have fun in here, cause of many tourist attractions.