Magic business trip on Cyprus

Magic business trip on Cyprus

If you are a busy manager, probably you are spending a lot of your time on business trips. Sometimes you are visiting places not interesting at all, sometimes the opposites. When you are going to the Larnaca, it has to be the second option. This magical, ancient capital of Cyprus is one of the favorites tourists destinations in Europe, so even if you are having a lot of appointments with partners, you have to find some time to tour this city.

Church of Saint Lazarus

This Orthodox temple was build in eighth century, and according to the legend, it is situated in exact same spot, where Lazarus (man who were resurrected by Jesus) died. It is probably, because this man after it happened, was for many years a bishop of Larnaca. Later, it became Catholic temple in Middle Ages, all of Gothic parts are from this period. In seventeenth century it was renovated, and again became an Orthodox Church. It is beautiful building, most of it parts are open for tourist to see for free, but you have to remember to wear proper clothes inside.

Salt Lake

To be more specific, complex of four lakes, situated in the west part of Larnaca. It is great place to visit for a long walk, and to connect with nature – it contain over 85 different species of water birds. Salt harvested in this area was one of the major import product of Cyprus, but they don’t do it anymore, because it is wrong for nature.


It is an archaeological site, situated at Larnaca suburbia. It contained remains of village from Neolithic age. At the moment, only the oldest part of it were reviled, with stone streets, fortresses and small houses. In 1998, it was signed at List of Worldwide heritages. Part of it, is open for tourist to visit, without extra costs.

MS Zenobia

If you are a fan of scuba diving, you should definitely find couple hours for this activity. In Larnaca, there are a lot of diving centers, where you can rent an equipment, and swim to explore shipwreck of Zenobia, Swedish ship, that sinked there in 1980, at it maiden journey. It provides a lot of challenges for you, from diving sixteen meters along the starboard  site, to dive inside the upper car (for advanced people only). If you haven’t got permission to scuba diving, but you like to see some underwater life, you can always rent a diving mask with a tube, and have a lot of fun.

Larnaca is a spectacular ancient town, a great place for holiday. Also, if you are a business traveler, you can enjoy it as well. Nice weather, beautiful building, wild nature, friendly people – you will find here all of it, and more!