Minsk for businessmen

Minsk for businessmen

Minsk, the capital of Belarus, is old, historical city with many interesting tourist spots. If you are planning your business trip there, you won’t be boring during your free time, it is guaranteed. Maybe it is not one of the most popular cities in the Europe, but in last couple days, travelers are more interested in it than before, because political situation there were stabilized. Here are couple of thing worth to bee seen during your tour.

Church of Saint Simon and St. Helen

This Catholic temple, was build at the beginning ox twentieth century, in New- Romanian style. It was named after kids of main architect, who died early in their childhood. It was attacked by Communists and close, after inside was cinema and later the theater. In 1990 it return to first believers. Inside, you will find interesting sacral interior design, mix of Orthodox and Catholic influences. It is open for visitors to see, not only in time of mass.

National Botanical Garden

This area is the best spot to visit when you want to relax and enjoy contact with nature. It is one of the biggest place like that in Europe, it contains over ninety thousands different species of plants. Since 2004 garden is opened all year longs, because they build orangery then. You will find inside plenty of exotic plants from all around the world. It is situated on the center of Minsk, open every day in week, ticket is very cheap, it cost like 1,5 Euro.

Victory Square

This is favorite spot of tourists and inhabitants of Minsk. Also it is central place in the city, with plenty of restaurants, coffee shops, galleries and gift shops. You can sit here in one of the bistro, grab a cup of tea, or eat delicious meal, and later get some souvenirs for friends and family. It has a lot of green fields, and it is connected with Gorky’s Park. Nearby, there is a National Museum, headquarter of Belorussian Television and Radio, and at the center of it, you can see a  Statue of Victory, symbol of wins over Nazis in time of World War Two.

Gorky’s Park

Another recreational spot in Minsk. It became a worldwide famous, after a book and a movie, with events taking place in here. It is typical amusement park, with hight roller coaster and a lot of carousels, and huge ferris wheel. It is perfect place for lunch on the grass, cycling or jogging. During weekend, a lot of families with children are playing here.

Capital of Belarus is underestimated city, with a lot to offer. Minsk is still developing, and every year, more and more people are visiting it.