Nice week in Wroclaw

Nice week in Wroclaw

If you are planning longer or shorter trip to Wroclaw, even if it will be only for business, you should find some free time to explore this beautiful city. It has a colorful history, it use to be part of three different countries! It is very multicultural place with many students from aboard, a lot of friendly inhabitants, nice restaurants, spectacular architecture and interesting night life. You have to leave your hotel room during your free hours, and see all of this tourist attractions for your own eyes.

Sky Tower

If you like to admire a spectacular view on entire Wroclaw, you should consider to visit Sky Tower, the tallest building in Poland. It has 45 floors, and at 43th there is a observation point, in prize of 10 zł. So if you will be in the city during nice, cloudless weather, you should definitely visit this building. Also, if you have enough money, you can rent an apartment there, at the top floor, just for couple days. But it cost likes couple hundreds zlotych per night, but the view is unforgettable.

Cathedral of Mary Magdalene

This beautiful Gothic Temple is one of the greatest example of sacral architecture in this part of Europe. It is located in the middle of Wroclaw, in one of the oldest parts of it. It was raised in the eleventh century and moderate many times since then.  It was create from red bricks, typical for this part of Continent. There is an interesting legends about this place: they say that in dark medieval times, a group of nuns were forced to jump over small bridge, located between two towers. Nowadays, this part of church is open for visitors to see, great panorama over old town waiting there for you.

Ostrow Tumski

This is the oldest part of Wroclaw, former main quarter of city hall and all of academic life of the city. Nowadays, you should go for a walk trough this district, it is very charming in every moment of day and year – narrow streets with two floors buildings, Spectacular Cathedral with beautiful fountain in front of it, nice gardens, and many, many more.

Zoologist garden

Wroclaw own one of the biggest objects like that in this part of Europe. It was renovated couple times during past ten years, and now, it is very modern and friendly place for families with children, or admirer of wild nature.

Wroclaw is very popular touristic spots, every year, millions of travelers from all part of Europe are visiting it, because of it atmosphere. It is perfect place for every kind of globetrotters: families with kids, couples in love, gang of friends and even for important businessmen like you!