Odessa for businessmen

Odessa for businessmen

There are many charming places, all around the world, that businessmen are visiting year by year during their firm meetings. Most of the times, they are not only making business, but also having fun in newly saw town. Odessa, is a perfect places for travelers like that. Beautiful landscape, wide beaches, friendly people and great weather – who needs more?

City Garden

This is the oldest park in Odessa, funded in 1803, it is situated at downtown. It is favorite meeting spot of citizens, families are playing with their children, couples in love having romantic picnic at grass, sportsmen are jogging. The place is packed, especially during spring and summer time weekends. It is very lovely places, full of charming benches, nice fountains, beautiful sculptures. From May till September, there are summer theater performing by local Orchestra, tickets are for free, so you better go there if you have an opportunity.


It is historical part of Odessa, named after mountain legendary polis in ancient Greece, known as home for shepherds. It is very popular resort, situated at coastal part of the city.  There are plenty kilometers of wide beaches, nice warm water at the sea. During summertime, there are always lifeguards in charge, so you can taking your bath in comfort. In this district is also located huge aqua park, with view over the sea. It is in very low prize, so you can go and have fun in lazy river or hot tube.

Archaeological Museum

One of the oldest object like that in Ukraine, it was funded in 1825, but current building of gallery is from 1888. It is not only gallery, but also scientific research area, of tribes from Red Sea, or archeology of Middle Ages. There are couple of exhibitions located in museum : Ancient Egypt, Greece and Rome, Byzantine Empire, Kievan Rus and Russian Empire. A lot of coins, clothes, furniture, personal items, jewelery of people that use to live couple thousand years from know.

Wornocow Lighthouse

This is the first thing that traveler to Odessa will notice from sea point. It is 27 meters tall, It is third model of the same lighthouse – first was wooden and disappear after the Great War, second was ruined during World War Two, this one was build in 1941. It was always the main signature of this beautiful city. It is very nice place to go for a walk after dark, it is surrounded by nice, long pier.

Odessa is a pearl of Red Sea. It use to be very cultural city in the past, a lot of artist were creating their masterpieces in here. Nowadays it is still charming place, but history of it country wasn’t very good for it.