One week in Sofia

One week in Sofia

Since last decade, more and more businessmen are cooperate with East European countries – Ukraine, Belarus, Bulgaria. The market in there is in bloom, there are the best places to start firms in. If you are planning to visit Sofia, capital of last country, you shouldn’t just focus of business meeting, but also on tourist aspects of this beautiful city. It has plenty of attractions, that are visiting for travelers from all around the Europe.

National Archaeological Museum

If you are a history enthusiast, or you just want to see some piece of archeology, you should definitely visit this object. In here, you will be able to see a lot of ancient exhibits, not only from Belarus. In Prehistory Hall you will find pieces from Paleolithic, Neolithic and Copper Age. Jewelery of old tribes, their items of everyday activities and so on. Another part is centered around Bronze Age. The bigger gallery is about early Middle Age era, with plenty of fresco and other sacral pieces of art.

Banya Bashi

It is very interesting mosque from sixteenth century in time of Ottomans occupation. It was build around natural thermal spas, and that where it names come from (Banya Bashi means Many Baths). It has minaret fifteen meters tall, and it was renovated completely. Nowadays, it is one and only mosque in Sofia, but not only Muslim tourists are allowed to enter it. And it is really worth to be seen, especially from the inside – beautiful, Arabic art can be seen everywhere.

Aleksander Nevsky Cathedral

It is main Orthodox church, not only in Sofia, but in entire Bulgaria. It was build in 1912 in Neo-Byzantine style, it is second of largest temples, located in Balkan Peninsula – it can hold over 10,000 people inside! Inside of this object is located exhibition of sacral icons, part of National Museum. It is one of the biggest exhibition like that in entire world! You have got to visit it during your trip.

Zoologist garden

If you like to rest and relax, and the water is nice and warm, you could visit this object, situated nearby the center of Sofia. It was build in 1888, and it is the biggest and the oldest zoologist garden in the Bulgaria. it contain over thousand animals from 244 different species. Beside wild nature, you will find inside a restaurants, coffee and gift shops, so you can relax with pint of beer and admire the nice day.

Sofia is beautiful city, mix of many cultures. You will find here influences of Catholic, orthodox, Balkan and Muslim customs. It is the best during the spring or summer, but even if you will have your business trip in winter, you will be glad to be here.