One weekend in Frankfurt

One weekend in Frankfurt

Germany is very old and interesting country, with plenty of destinations to explore. Polish travelers choose this land very often, cause the distance between both countries are not very big. One of the most interesting metropolis in Germany is Frankfurt, you should consider to visit in during some longer weekend.


Mode of transportation

There are many different modes of transportation which will drive us to the Frankfurt. If you are living close to the German border, you can use car, bus or a train to reach it. But the most comfortable option will be airplane for sure. This is very big city, so most of the Polish airports are offering flights to there. But if you wish to travel for a song you need to look for the best deal on tickets. Good idea is to start to planning the trip several months before the journey, cause earlier is the booking lower will be the price. The same is with accommodation. Beside, in the center of the city many of hostels is available, so you shouldn’t spend too much cash on it.


The architecture of the city is very interesting, in Frankfurt we will find not only beautiful, historical buildings, but also modern skyscrapers. City has many great sacral buildings on the old town area. If you like to admire a Gothic architecture, take a tour to the Cesarean Cathedral, building is amazing also inside, the walls are covered with sophisticated, Baroque ornaments. Frankfurt use Frankfurtto be a home for three various Synagogues. Unfortunately, after world war second, two of those were totally destroyed. Nowadays we can only visit Westend Synagogue, designed in Classical Revival style. But this metropolis is not only about sacral buildings but also secular. Great example of it is the City Hall, Romer, situated on the place of the same name. On the area of near to the hall each year are organized the Christmas Fairy. The history of this event start in the fourteenth century.

Another attractions

Frankfurt is also a home for many various galleries. At the area named Museumsufer thirteen various museums are situated. one of those is Stadel Gallery, where we can admire excellent examples of Western painters, like Rembrandt, van Eyck, Vermeer or Botticelli.

Another, great spot in the city is Botanical Gaden. It is great place to observe many species of plants, and also beautiful architecture. If you like to see skeletons of dinosaurs you can visit the Museum of natural History, also situated on Museumsufer. It is one of the biggest objects this kind in the Europe.