Paris: the legendary and mysterious city

Paris - Eiffel Tower

Paris: the legendary and mysterious city

Impressive architecture, beautiful parks and interesting places for children – everything can be found in this city. The capital city of France is one of the most popular destinations for tourists from all over the world.

Not only the Eiffel Tower

ParisWhen asked of Paris, almost everyone connects it with this magnificent tower. Although it is the symbol of this city and it is shown on many souvenirs, locals often think that it is simply ugly. But the city is full of other wonderful places. Undoubtedly an important place to see is Notre-Dame de Paris. This cathedral was built in Gothic style, its construction lasted more than 180 years. Inside the pipe organ is worth seeing, outside the gargoyle statues enchant the tourists. Another famous example of architecture is the Triumphal Arch, built to honour the people who passed away in wars conducted by Napoleon.

Famous Parisian museums

People who like art will love to visit the Louvre Museum. It collects the masterpieces from many ages. Not only paintings or drawings can be seen there, but also sculptures and the heritage of ancient times like Egyptian mummies or items of everyday use like weapons or ceramics. Louvre is also interesting because of its monumental architecture. Another point is Museum Orsay, where the paintings of famous painters like Vincent Van Gogh or Claude Monet can be seen.

Attractions for kids

The vicinity of Paris also offers some attractions for the youngest tourists. One of the biggest is of course Disneyland Resort. Opened in 1992, now it is divided into two theme parts. The older one is Disneyland Park. The newer, connected with animations and the techniques of creating special effects in films. Visiting those places can take some time, so it is a good idea to reserve the whole day for it. In a beautiful 17th century park, the Luxembourg Garden, there is also a big playground for children. Flights to Paris here.

The cruise on the Seine

When someone prefers sightseeing while sailing down the river, he should try the cruise. During this trip the beautiful photographs of famous places in Paris can be taken. Also, it is the chance to see the interesting bridges, including the oldest one – Pont Neuf, which construction was finished at the beginning of 17th century. The cruise allows for resting and admiring breathtaking city views.Strolling along the Seine or among pretty streets can be also a way to explore the capital of France. Charming cafés, restaurants and benches in parks encourage visitors to sit for a while and embrace the beautiful sights of the city, where many of the world’s most famous artists were creating their masterpieces.