Prepare for your flight

Prepare for your flight

A lot of us are travelling a lot during entire year. We are visiting our relatives in different cities, having longer weekend in Berlin, or holiday in Israel. If we are choosing plane as our mode of transportation, we need to know several rules. There are many differences between each connections. Different policy is in case of domestic flights, another in the European union zone, different outside of it. Also, if we are planning a trip that is lasting longer then several hours, we also should to be prepared very closely.

if we are choosing Warsaw Beirut connection, we don’t have to be worried about any discomfort during the flight, it will took like three hours. But still we need to do some flight preparation. If we are not choosing checked baggage, just carry on, we have to make sure we are packed properly, before we enter the airport. we are allowed to take cosmetics with us, but all of the liquids need to be packed inside small, 100 ml bottles made of glass. Also, all of this need to be gathered inside plastic bag, not bigger then one liter. Also, make sure you don’t have any food wit you. Because Lebanon policy forbid to bring any type of meals to their borders. Also, when you choose Warsaw Beirut connection, make sure to get some american dollars with you or credit card – you need to buy a visa on the airport, right after you arrive.mall-30162_640

Another important thing is flight preparation for a longer trip. if you are going to the United States for example, get ready for at least ten hours trip. If you are a women, it could be even danger for you. To avoid any clots inside your veins, make sure to take a longer walk, right before your flight. Also, during the journey, try to stand up from time to time and also take a walk – it will make blood in your veins flow much faster. Another important thing about you need to take care of, is entertainment. If you don’t like to get bored inside the plane, take some interesting book or magazine with you, it will help to kill some time. Also, if you don’t like to get cold, try to dress up in a layers to the plane. Air condition sometimes is warm and sometimes is cool, you cannot guess.

If you are planning any kind of trip by a plane, make sure to do solid flight preparation. Get to know what items you can and cannot have on board, how to avoid any discomforts during the longer trip, and so on. If you prepare yourself very well, you will have much more convenient journey, and you will avoid a lot of stressful moments.