Riga for business meetings

Riga for business meetings

Riga, capital of Latvia, is a nice, historical city. Maybe it is not very popular, especially among people from Western Europe, but it has great touristic potential inside. Plenty of old building, renovated perfectly, delicious, local food, friendly people, a lot of cultural events. Even if you are just coming here for a business meetings, you need to have a tour around city – you won’t regret it!

Saint Peter Church

It is the oldest church in Riga, build in eleventh century, it was rebuild and renovated couple times since then. Because of that, temple is divided for three parts: two are in Gothic style, third is in Baroque style. Big part of it was ruined during World War Two, two towers was destroyed by bombs, and all of the expensive items of interior design was stolen by Red Army soldiers. It was renovated in 50’s, but all those precious objects never return. Church is open for visitors to see every day at week, since 8 till 20.

Museum of Occupation

This object was raised in the center of Riga in 1971, one hundred years after Lenin was born. It was a symbol of Russian power and domination. In 1993 it was transfered for Museum of Occupation as a signature of Soviet domination in 1944-1991 and Nazis in 1941-44. Exhibition is about old gazettes, newspapers and magazine, classified documents and letters, photographs and films about political life back then. More then 25 thousands exponents! You don’t need to buy a ticket to get inside, it if for free.

Vermanes Garden

It is oldest garden in Riga, it was founded in 1814, there were a lot of festivals, cultural events, restaurants and couple interesting sculptures. In 1888, park became garden, it was much more bigger then before, other parks nearby were connected with it, creating huge garden. You will find there plenty of flowers and other plants, not only regular ones, but also tropicals, situated in local orangery. Also, there are couple of restaurants and coffe shops, so you may take a rest with coup of coffee, or grab a delicious lunch.

Small Guild

This magnificent, New-Gothic style building, was erected in the middle of nineteenth century, in the center of Riga. It use to be a post office, but nowadays is a palace of cultural events. You may watch some play there, listening to the classical concert, see an artistic event and many, many more.

As you may notice, Riga is much more fun place that you can even imagine. Great, ancient temples, a lot of museums and art galleries, plenty of green areas, and many, many more. Everyone will find something for himself here, even busy manager travels in business.