Short trip to amazing Cracow

Cracow trip

Short trip to amazing Cracow

After Poland became a member of European Union, a lot of travellers from the continent get an opportunity to visit this country a lot easier and cheaper. All credits goes to small, airline companies, which started to create nice connections between Poland and other, European countries. If you like to visit this amazing land for a first time, do not miss a trip to it former capital.

Amazing architecture

Cracow travelCracow is probably the most popular city in Poland right now. It used to be main residence of royal family, back in Golden Age, the nicest epoque in Polish history, in Renaissance. That is why Cracow is filled with breathtaking architecture, like Sukiennice for example. It used to be a main hall for marketers, back in medieval times. In Renaissance era this building was founded, nowadays, you can buy inside very interesting souvenirs. Only couple of feet from Sukiennice you will find Saint Mary cathedral, probably the most popular church in entire country. It is all because of Altar by Vit Stoss, situated in inside of cathedral. It is great example of early Renaissance sacral design. Another important building into this metropolis is Wawel Castle, placed at the top of the mountain of the same name. For many of centuries it were main house of Polish royals. Many of it chambers are open for visitors, go for a tour to enjoy astonishing interior design from many epoques.

Another attractions

In medieval times Cracow were very small town. You will realise it after finding out, that one of the nicest districts of it, Kazimerz, used to be a small village near the city. Trough many centuries Kazimierz were a Jewish district, even after the war you will find in there a spirit of this unfortunate nation. You will find in there interesting, Jewish temples, like Tempel Synagogue for example. Kazimierz is also an artistic and cultural area. It is filled with art galleries, small book shops and healthy restaurants. While visiting the Cracow you shouldn’t miss a trip to Auschwitz, the biggest and saddest memorial of Nazis crimes. The museum is situated in the Oswiecim village (former Auschwitz), only couple of dozens kilometres from the center of Cracow. If you like to see all the exhibitions available in there you better book a place in a queue. Cause only limited amount of people may enter the museum during one day, out of respect to the former prisoners of Auschwitz. All nation which were kept in here has it own chamber, you won’t get bored in there for sure.