Short trip to Gdansk

Short trip to Gdansk

When you are traveling in business, you have an opportunity to explore a lot of nice places after hours. If you are planning trip like that to Gdansk, you won’t be boring. Nice architecture, friendly people, delicious cuisine, and many, many more. This seashore resort is perfect place for young and busy tourists, with it nightlife and many cultural events.


This peninsula was created in the middle of nineteenth century, in 1924, when Gdansk became an independent city, it was place of military arsenal. In the September of 1939, it became a signature of proud people who defense this object from Nazis. The defend took like whole month, the team of soldiers fighting here was all alone, there was no help from anyone.  In 2003 this peninsula was signed as important place of history. If you like to visit it, you should see a cemetery and stature of defenders.

Artus Court

It was named after legendary king Artus of Camelot, it was popular name for knights and merchants courts, first in England then in Germany. It was build as a market place for the most important merchants of Gdansk. The it became place of cultural events, after it was a stock market. Nowadays it is division of Historical Museum. It was build in Gothic style, inside there is only one huge hall, open for visitor to see, in price of museum ticket.

Old Town

It is the oldest part of Gdansk, it was half-ruined in the times of World War Two, in Middle Ages, it was home of popular astronomic, John Helvetius. There are a lot of great heritages in here, in spite of war. You should totally visit old City Hall, small and big mill – charming, Gothic structures. Post office – it is famous because of proud defense of it clerks in September 1939. They were protecting it for whole month!  Big part of Gunter Grass novel is taking place in here.

Golden Gate

It was build in 1612 in Netherlands Mannerism style, very sophisticated and charming. It was half-ruined during events of World War Two, but it was rebuild in exact shape in 1957. It contains eight sculptures, which are allegory of Peace, Freedom, Wealth and Fame and in another part of gate you will notice : Agreement, Justice, Piety and Presidency. All of it in Latin language. It is nice place to visit, especially after dark – it is illuminated very fancy.

Gdansk is perfect place for everyone, so plan your trip. More on airline tickets you can read on page. Family with children, couples in love, young group of friends, older couple or even businessmen. It has plenty of tourist attractions, and everyone will find something for himself in here.