Sightseeing in Asia

Sightseeing in Asia

Holidays are probably one of the finest moments during entire year. Nothing weird in that, it is perfect opportunity to see some interesting monuments, rest a lot and recharge the batteries. Unfortunately sometimes it is hard to find perfect spot to visit, cause nowadays we have too many options to choose. However, if you have never been to Asia, you should consider a trip to this continent.

Prepare for the road

Depending on a part of Asia you like to explore, another season will be more proper. For example in case of Japan, China or Korea weather is similar like in Poland, so if you like to appreciate amazing weather travel during the July and August. On the other hand southern part of continent is in entirely different zone. For a holidays into the exotic countries, like Vietnam, India or Thailand for example, you should choose season from November till May. It is the warmest and driest time, cause in June a monsoon season is beginning. If you are organizing a trip on your own, you have to remember about vaccines. Some Asian countries are a bit dangerous for European people, whom doesn’t have proper types of microbes inside their system. That is why some vaccine may be necessary.


This small, but amazing country is know for very honorable and cultural citizens. Nothing surprising in that, Japanese culture of samurais and geishas is very rich full and interesting. If you decide to visit this land you won’t miss a Tokyo, the capital. This is one of the biggest metropolis on earth. So if you have never been to urban jungle before, it may be a bit shock for you. Tokyo is an amazing mix of hi-tech buildings, ancient temples and nature. Just outside the borders of a city you may go for a long walk into the forest, cause even if population of a country is so big, the government is taking care of an areas of green. Just a simple walk through the biggest streets in capital will be amazing experience for you. Plenty of colorful neon’s, huge crowd of people and advertisements everywhere.


This huge country is know for communist government, but it is very open for European travelers. That is why you can go there without any fear. The most popular monument in the country is the Great Wall, which is spreading on area of thousands kilometers. The closest metropolis is Beijing, filled with amazing monuments. Chinese civilization is very long and rich full, you can notice it in the temples available in Beijing. Another nice city is Shanghai, probably the most “European” one in Asia.