Sightseeing in Poznan


Sightseeing in Poznan

Poland is filled with interesting cities, which are offering to travellers plenty of attractions. The most popular destination is Krakow and Wroclaw, but Poznan is getting more and more popular each year. Nothing surprising in that, this town has lovely architecture, interesting galleries and a lot of great cultural and restaurant spots.

The Old Town

Poznan CityAs most of Polish cities, Poznan was constructed according to German plan, that is why it has central square in the middle of old tow. This is also the area where most of the monuments can be found. The most important is old City Hall, amazing and rare example of Renaissance, secular architecture. Each day, exactly at noon the March is playing from it tower, and the figures of wooden animals, stuck to the walls, are dancing. It is very nice spectacle, which tradition is many of centuries old. Another great piece of architecture in the area of old town, is a basilica of Saint Peter and Paul. It is very beautiful, Baroque building, with astonishing interior design, also from the same period. At the area of main Square you will find a lot of restaurants, gift shops and pubs, it is popular spot for travellers and citizens.

Open air attractions

If you decide to visit Poznan during the spring or summer you will have plenty of open air attractions to explore. First of all is zoologist garden, one of the biggest object this kind in Poland. It is home not only for tropical animals, but also regular, farm species, which were rescued from critical condition. It is ideal place to spend entire day, you can grab a meal or drink in there, take great photos and connect with nature. At the south part of the city you can visit Meteo Morasko Forest Preserve. It is perfect area to take a longer walk, breath the fresh air, enjoying nice weather and plenty of trees.

Another attractions

In Poznan you can even explore plenty of various galleries. First of all you need to visit the Museum of Uprising in Greater Poland. It is filled with paintings, letters and personal objects, which used to belong to insurgents. Poznan also has very interesting Archaeological Museum, which is focused on the Greater Poland. There are great exponents of former guns, clothes, ornaments, which Slavic tribes were using many centuries ago. If you are interested in history and legends of Poznan do not miss a visit to Blubry, where you can see many of animations about this theme. If you like to see very nice Castle, you should take a tour to Caesarian Fortress.