Spain – the most interesting places to visit

Spain – the most interesting places to visit

Spain is one of the most popular destinations in Europe. It is located on the western part of Europe on the Iberian Peninsula by the Mediterranean Sea and the Atlantic Ocean. The country is well-known for beautiful beaches, sunny holidays and charming cities. This article will point out the most interesting places worth visiting during your stay in Spain.

The most popular places in Spain

At the beginning, it is worth to start with the city located on the Mediterranean Sea in Catalonia region – Barcelona. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain but for most tourists it is definitely the number one destination in this country. There is always an amazing atmosphere- atmosphere of bustle and fun. The city never sleeps. What is more, there are also placed beautiful monuments of the old town, the Montjuic hill, the port and the amazing modernist architecture, including phenomenal Sagrada Familia constructed by the brilliant Gaudi.

The second place worth visiting is Madrid – the capital city of Spain. It is situated in the central of Spain on the edges of the River Manzanes. It is the third largest city in the European Union after London and Berlin where lives about 3 million of people. Although it is not as effective as Barcelona, is one of the most interesting cities in Spain. At first sight, it may seem to be chaotic but later it turns out to be stylish and attractive. There are placed beautiful palaces, squares, charming narrow streets and alleys that are often full of shops and pubs where local beer and wine are served.

Another city worth visiting is Toledo. It is said that if a tourist can only spend one day in Spain, he/she should visit Toledo. You can easily get lost in the narrow streets of the old town of Tagus but it should not discourage anyone because wandering around Toledo is a pure pleasure. There are located numerous monuments that give a testimony to the wonderful history of the city and Spain – some of them are churches, mosques and synagogues – they remind of the complex history of the peninsula.

The last city that will be described in the article is Valencia. It is the third largest city in Spain after Madrid and Barcelona where live about 800,000 inhabitants. The city is located on the Mediterranean Sea. The tourists may admire the monuments that are restored and hang out in bars and cafés. In the city, the travellers can admire the excellent contemporary architecture. Moreover, they also should visit the dolphinarium and the aquarium.