Spend nice weekend in Paris

Eiffel Tower - Paris

Spend nice weekend in Paris

France is very interesting country, which is visited by millions of travelers every year. At the area of country you will find many great tourist destinations, however the most popular is Paris, the capital. When you are about to visit this beautiful city you have to be prepare for long and fascinating sightseeing.


ParisEntire Paris is filled with fascinating monuments, funded in the past few centuries. One of the greatest one is Notre Dame cathedral, amazing example of Gothic architecture. This church is amazing also inside, cause you will find there Gothic interior design, which is very rare. Another nice church in the capital is Sacre Coeur basilica. It was founded at the beginning of twentieth century in Romanesque Revival style. That is why entire temple looks like a castle from some fairy tale. But the most popular building in Paris id the Eiffel Tower, true signature of the city. It was build in the late nineteenth century, it was very modern and hi-tech construction these days. If you like to see amazing panorama over the metropolis.

The finest galleries

As an international capital of art Paris is a home for many different galleries, you should take a tour to at least one of those. The most popular one is Louvre, former residence of Royal Family. It is an amazing collection of Western paintings and ancient artefacts. You will be able to admire in there the most popular masterpiece of the world, the Giaconda of Leonardo da Vinci. Also you will find there many of Renaissance, Baroque and Modern paintings. At the underground sector of gallery you will see the biggest collection of Egyptian artefacts in the world. Another great gallery is Museum d’Orsay. It is also filled with works of popular painters, like van Gogh, Monet, Manet, Picasso and Chagall. In there you will see also fascinating collection of interior design of Art Neauveau. People who better like modern art have a chance to visit Pompiodou Centre in Paris. It has huge collection of legendary artists, like Kandinsky, Magritte, Miro, Dali and a lot more.

Another attractions

If you like to feel like in the times of Paris Bphema, you have to visit the Montmartre district, localized at the hill of the same name. It is filled with old, vintage theatres, like legendary Moulin Rouge. At the area of Montmare you can also buy great souvenirs in book shops and art galleries. During the warm day you should take a suburbia train and travel to Versailles, amazing complex of Royal buildings.