Spend your holidays in sunny Hungary

Spend your holidays in sunny Hungary

In present times it is hard to decide which destination choose for future holidays. Thanks to airline companies we have plenty of options, and decision could be very difficult. If you are interested in some less typical location, you should visit Hungary, this small city is filled with interesting cities, monuments and a wonderful wildlife.

Prepare for a road

Since couple of years Polish tourists can get to the Hungary by plane. It is depArted from most of the airports and arriving in Budapest. This option could be very cheap, but you have to book the flight earlier, at least two months ahead. Thanks to that, not only your trip will be less expensive, but also your accommodation. Cause in hotels the earlier you book your room the lower price you will pay. People who are living close to the Czech’s border, can also travel to Hungary from Prague. This airport offers flights not only to the capital, but also to another, smaller cities. However even if you arrive in Budapest you can spend two days on sightseeing, and then move to another location – by train or rented car.


The capital of Hungary is one of the most beautiful metropolis in entire Europe. It use to be two different cities separated by Danube river- Buda and Pest, but it was conjoined in nineteenth century. The sightseeing you have to start on the old town. At the central spot of it, at small hill, you will see the Fishermen Bastion, amazing example of neo Romanian architecture. Building has two towers, on each of those an observation desk is situated. It is perfect spot to enjoy the panorama on the river. Another amazing piece of architecture in Budapest is Parliament Headquarter. It is one of the biggest objects like that in entire world. It was founded in the end of nineteenth century in Gothic Revival style. Surely in the capital you will also see older buildings. Like Baroque Basilica of Saint Stephen or Gothic Matthias church.

Another locations

While visiting Hungary you can also take a trip to the Balaton Lake. This is very popular destination for citizens and travelers from Europe.
Lake is surrounded by many, holidays resorts, where you can enjoy great attractions. In the entire area of the country the thermal waters are available. The most interesting is Gallert village, historical Bath, with amazing architecture. If you make a reservation in one of its room you can enjoy plenty of therapeutic treatments, take a bath in thermal waters, meet new people.