Stockholm for businessmen

Stockholm for businessmen

Scandinavia is a beautiful land, but for some people may be to cold in most of the times. But if you are not afraid of getting cold, and you are admirer of nice architecture, great food and friendly people, you will feel like home in Stockholm, even during winter season. If you are going for business trip there, make sure to arrange some free time to have tour around town, it is really worth it.


If you like to feel like you are truly at seashore, you must to visit Vasa Museum. It is an exhibition of ship found in 1960 an renovated to the primary condition. Gallery is not only about Vasa, it is also a huge exhibition of any items connected with a sea – reconstruction of animals, other ships, photographs of underworld, interactive galleries. You can also get some souvenirs in one of many local gift shops, or have some delicious lunch in restaurant nearby.

Gamla Stan

It is old town district in Stockholm, the older part of it. It is located on four islands and it was founded in thirteenth century. You will find there Royal Castle – beautiful Rococo building from eighteenth century. Most of important objects are located in here: headquarter of parliament, historical Stirtorget square, Museum of Alfred Nobel, the biggest street in the city and many more. It is perfect place to visit after dark, it is illuminated very well, and it is connected properly with other parts of the city, thanks to subway lines.


It is first open air museum and zoologist garden in Stockholm and entire country. It was founded in 1891, to show visitors, how people use to live in different parts of Sweden, before the industrial era. There are over 140 buildings, and the oldest one is from fifteenth century. There are objects like : old drug store, bakery, grocery, post office, church and many more – all of it as a replica of nineteenth century town. Employees of Skansen, are acting like people in the past, they are wearing costumes and making laundry in the river, bake on historical stove and many more.


It is island in Stockholm, which use to be an area of royal huntings. It is district filled with green points, a lot of parks, small lakes, narrow alleys to walk by. It is place worth to be seen, especially, that you will find here a lot of great objects like Skansen with Zoologist Garden, Vasa Museum, and amusement park. It is perfect spot if you like to relax and enjoy the weather.

Stockholm is an old, historical city with a lot of tourists attractions. A lot of museums, entertainment parks, zoologist garden, ancient buildings – you won’t be boring in this city.