The best seats at the airplane

The best seats at the airplane

Travelling by a plane, even if it last only for one or two hours, maybe very stressful. especially if you are siting in a wrong place. Noisy kid, turbulence, not enough space for your legs, and many more. All of this thinks may ruin your day, especially if you are afraid of flying and you choose cheap airline company and it tiny chairs. Here are couple tips, how to avoid each problems, and enjoy the travel in the most possible way.

If you are afraid of a crush, you may be happy to know, that according to few statistics, the safest seats are at the end of a plane, because the most people survive the accidents seating there. of course, it is not 100 % sure. If you hate turbulence during your trip, the best place for you to choose, will be next to the wings, it is the most stable in there. The worst is the back of the plane – it may shake you badly. If you like to avoid any turbulence, choose morning flights, it the best.

If you need a quiet trip, because of some work you have to do, or just relax, do not ever sit next to the toilets. People are passing there all the time, most of them with noisy children. If you are an owner of very long legs, you may seat next to the emergency exits, there are the most place for your limbs. But this seats need to be taken by people, who knows how to speak English, because in case of any problems, they will be obligate to help in evacuation. boeing-747-884420_640

If you are traveling with small children in a bigger plane, try to get a seats near to the partition wall, there are a lot of place for kids who are crawls on all fours. When you are not afraid of flights at all, you need to choose the best place to admire the spectacular view, especially if it is your first trip by plane. Of course, you need to seat next to the walls, but not all of the sectors has good panorama. Close to the wings is maybe very calm because of lack of turbulence, but you won’t see anything.

And remember, never do anything inside the plane, that you won’t like to force to observe. A lot of people, mostly on long distance flights, are getting drunk, because they are afraid or just bored. It is fine only until they are quiet. The same is with children – if you own one, you need to make sure that he/she is acting properly, running all around the plane is not a good behavior.

Flying by a plane is very stressful for a lot of people. If you like your trip to be as comfortable as possible, you need to chhose the best seats. Otherwise, you can end up with squat legs and noisy neighborhood.