The finest monuments in Moscow


The finest monuments in Moscow

Summer holidays is a perfect occasion to lay on a beach in some southern resort. However, nice and sunny weather is also great opportunity to visit northern cities, which are usually too cold for Polish travelers. And nice metropolis like that aren’t only situated in Scandinavia, but also Russia. What monuments are waiting for us in the capital of this country?

How to get there?

Even if Russia is our eastern neighbour, travel to Moscow will take a lot of hours. You can use a train as your mode of transportation, it is very comfortable option, but quit expensive. You can also use some bus transfer, still a lot of people are using it, but many hours in one position is not always a good idea. Fortunately couple of years ago small, airline companies are opened many different connections from Moscow, also to Poland. If you only know how to look for the tickets you will be able to save a lot of cash. But before you book a trip remember, that to enter borders of Russia you need to have a valid passport.


moscow architectureThe entire tour around the city you should start in the Red Square. It is the most popular meeting point, surrounded by plenty of shops, restaurants and pubs. In the middle part of it is standing true signature of Moscow – the Saint Vasil cathedral. It is beautiful, sacral building with colourful gazebos at the top of many towers. Close to this cathedral lays a Creml, head quarter of Russian government. You are not allowed to enter this building, but it looks pretty amazing also from the outside. In the very same square you can also find very odd, but popular attraction, the Mausoleum of Vladimir Lenin. It is a place where you can see a corps of this former dictator, embalmed very carefully. Another, great place on this square is the Museum of Russian History. It is beautiful, red palace, with many of towers in the same colour.

Another attractions

But Moscow is not only about architecture, you will find in there many different attractions worth to be visited. First of all is Gorky Park, legendary area of green, situated in the center part of the city. Inside you can enjoy a ride on roller-coaster, big wheel or carousel, swim in a bot on a lake, or simply lay on a grass and enjoying nice summer in Moscow. Of you like to admire some Russian and European paintings you shouldn’t miss a trip to the Tretyakov Gallery. Inside you will be able to observe masterpieces of Pierow, Gay, Szyszkin, Lewitan or Wasniecow. It is a place you cannot miss.