Transaction fee, service fee, additional charges

Transaction fee, service fee, additional charges

Many people who buys their flight tickets often don’t understand how the price is calculated. Usually, when they look for a flight, they see a law price thus they decide to purchase it. As the booking process develops, the price increases. At the end, the price might be significantly higher than the initial price. Many of them do not really understand what happened thus they often might feel cheated. The following text aims to explain what kind of additional fees and charges might be added to the initial price of flight tickets.
Transaction fee is connected with payment with credit card or by a transfer. It means, that every time you pay for the ticket in other way than by cash, you will be charged additional amount of money. Nowadays, most of the people buy their ticket on the internet, but transaction fee is also added for card / transfer payment also while buying the ticket on the phone, ticket office or even at the airport.  The only exception from this rule is introduced by some airlines regarding buying the ticket on their website. However, it is not the general rule as some airlines still will charge the transaction fee, even on their own official website.

euro-870757_640Service fees include the wide range of services, which are not obligatory but are additionally paid. Services fees include, but are not limited to baggage fee. Usually only a hand luggage is free of charges. Every registered luggage is additionally charge. Some airlines, usually budget ones, have lower luggage fee in a low season and more expensive one during the high season. It is worth to remember that if our hand luggage is too big, additional baggage fee will be added during the check-in.

Additional charges might also include:
–    Airport check-in fee. However, this fee is usually use only by budget airlines.
–    Priority boarding fee. It helps to avoid standing in queue, but it is additionally paid.
–    Fee for choosing a preferred seat. In some airlines, it is possible to choose a seat while booking the ticket. However, most often this option is connected with additional charges.
–    Fee for children travelling alone. Children up to certain age (usually 12) need to travel under the supervision of a flight crew. The sum of the charge depends on the flights details, for example, if it is a domestic or international flight, direct or with changes and so on.

Please remember, that fees and charges mentioned above are limited only for some examples. You can find detailed and complete lists of additional charges on the websites of airlines.