Traveling by airplane

Traveling by airplane

There are a lot of vacation options : you can drive a car whole around the Europe, You can hitchhiking with a friend to random destination. If you are choosing specified place, you can go there bu bus, train car or airplane. There are a lot of option, but the faster and the most comfortable it is to book an airline flights and fly wherever you like in couple hours, its not even expensive, if you know how to buy ticket properly. It is your first time? These are couple hints below, that will help you to travel save and for a song.

Long distant trip

If you are going to another continent, and your journey will take like dozen hours, you should to prepare for your flight. Siting for many hours in seated position is not good for your health, especially if you are a woman. If you won’t stretch your legs for long time, you can get a clots in your veins. If you like to avoid it, try go for a walk or jogging just before your trip – it help you to stimulate blood circulation. When you will be at board, try time to time to get up and take a short walk – it will be relief for your limbs. When you going to fly for so long, take with you devices, that will bring you entertainment. Good book, interesting magazine, maybe nice movie on tablet – everything that helps you not to get boring. Another thing is temperature inside the plane – with air condition, it is sometimes too cold or too warm. So better dress up in layers, and take a big scarf, to protect your legs in case of low temperature.


Getting the cheapest ticket

When you are booking airline flights, you have to pay attention at couple things.
First is authentic prize of a ticket – sometimes in advertisement may be differ than real one, because they don’t mention about register baggage, insurance or transaction’s fees. You don’t need to have a register bag, your carry-on should be enough, especially if you are leaving only for one week. Just make sure to check the weight before going on airport, or avoid taking forbidden items – like a lot of liquids (max 100ml), or sharp edges. You don’t need insurance either, especially the one that airport is offering. Transaction’s fee won’t be bothers you if you use type of credit card preferred by airline company.
Second is time of your journey. The cheaper airline flights are during low season – May, June, September. It is better to buying tickets on this dates, because cost could be two times lower!

As you see, the devil is not so black as he is painted. Airline flights can be very pleasant, comfortable and cheap, there is nothing to be scared about.