Travelling by plane – plan the trip

Airplane traveling

Travelling by plane – plan the trip

First journey to the distance country can be very stressful, especially if we never fly plane before. However, with proper planning everything will be fine, and we may even appreciate the entire trip. But how to buy plane ticket in the best price? How to pack baggage? And what to do during twelve hours lasting journey?

Look for the best deal

AircraftWhen you prefer to travel to destination from another continent, you need to prepare for bigger price. Nowadays, very popular is to choose holiday in United States, a lot of great deals on flights can be found. The cheapest option is to buy ticket to New York, it is heading even from Warsaw. Prices starts from 1500 zlotys in both sides, and you can even find the nicest offer. It doesn’t matter if New York is not your chosen destination, cause travelling by plane at area of States is very cheap. You can buy a domestic flight from New York to Los Angeles, Miami and more, without spending a fortune! Also, you need to choose the baggage wisely. If you will be able to pack all belongings into the carry on bag you will spare a lot of money. Additional bag costs about 200 zlotys.

Additional costs

While planning your holiday you should also remember about extra costs. First of all is accommodation. Fortunately nowadays you can book nice hostel online, using international websites. Find the cheapest room into destination point and book it. Also, you can use a portal where people are renting their own apartments. It is even cheaper deal then hostel, and you can count on good localization. If you find a nice deal you will have a lot more money to spend on souvenirs for friends and relatives!

Prepare for the flight

Intercontinental journey could be very unpleasant, it is taking not less than 12 hours. That is why you need to get ready before the flight. First of all you have to think about your health. Travelling by plane is bad for your veins, during long journey some dangerous blood clot may appear in there. To avoid situation like that you better take a longer walk just before the road, or even go for jogging. Thanks to that your blood will be circulating a lot faster on board. Also, during the journey remember to take a walk from time to time. Another bad aspect of long trip is boredom. Remember to take care of some entertainment, just pack some interesting book into the bag. Also, good idea will be to take a computer with your favourite TV series. Just remember to switch it into the plane mode.