Typical Barcelona, so what a tourist must see

Typical Barcelona, so what a tourist must see

Barcelona is not just a football club, sun, beaches and events. It is also the cradle of the Catalan culture and a place with a lot of fantastic sights.

But first you need to reach them. Barcelona is well-communicated city and getting in our selection of the place should not be a problem. Integrated transport allows you to use during a trip on a single ticket from the metro, buses, trams, trains Ferrocarrils de la Generalitat de Catalunya and trains Rodalies de Catalunya. The capital of Catalonia is a beautiful city, presenting different faces depending on the district, or the time of day, so you should go and explore not only the main monuments but also other theoretically less popular destinations. Undoubtedly the most famous Barcelona sights are connected with the works of Antonio Gaudi. These include among others the Parc Güell, the Sagrada Família, La Pedrera and Casa Batllo.

Visitors to Barcelona for the first time will certainly be interested in walking the famous Rambla. barcelona-915902_960_720Do not miss the Mercat de Sant Josep de la Boqueria, where you can find fresh fruit and vegetables, meat or seafood. Rambla is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Barcelona, so it is worth careful that our property did not fall prey to the many pickpockets. The above-mentioned places are certainly worth a visit. But if we want to get away from the crowds and see other, less tourist face Barcelona, the best way seems to be entangled in a maze of narrow streets of the Gothic Quarter and the Ribera. We can find places like the plaza Sant Felip Neri, Born, take a boat trip in the Parc de la Ciutadella, visit the church of Santa Maria del Mar and see the impressive Estacio de França. This will be the most subjective of subdivisions. First of all, we do not recommend full of tourists, crowded restaurants on the Ramblas. It is better to leave a few dozen or a few hundred meters away and find a place where you can see the remains of many Catalans. In this way, we found the place to which we return each time you visit Barcelona. Our choice for breakfast is the Bar La Principal, where we bocadillos, a popular Spanish sandwiches. The bar is popular with the locals, who meet there for a morning discussion on current affairs and press review.

Barcelona is a beautiful hot city. After a day of sightseeing, guests can also spend some time relaxing, as often is the typical way of spending time by the locals. And it is they who should be a model for us, if we want to try Catalan culture.