Vilnius- City of Dreams

Vilnius- City of Dreams

The capital of Lithuania, a city about 700 – year history, for centuries associated with the Polish, valuable collection of historic buildings of the Old Town is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. The city is a major center of Polish science and culture in Lithuania. It is a business and financial center of the Baltic states. Vilnius is also the only European capital located at the boundary of two ancient civilizations: Latin and Byzantine. In ancient and multicultural city today is a living spirit of tolerance for different nations and religions.

It is worth visiting some interesting places in the city, even while on a business trip should break away for a moment of serious cases and follow an interesting trail. In the city can move buses, trolleybuses and minibuses (private, reaching almost everywhere, and in addition usually stop where we wish). Communication space generally operates between the hours of 4:00 and midnight. A good idea is to also get around the city on foot, because the most important sights are concentrated in the Old Town area. Castle Hill, is one of the monument and offering a wonderful view of the city and beyond this is the place where the thirteenth century resided Lithuanian princes.


You can see a small, but nevertheless residues (Gothic tower called the Tower of Gediminas – today the Museum of the Upper Castle with the entrance to the platform lookout) on the upper castle, as well as reconstructed Renaissance Lower Castle (Cathedral Square), which served as a residence, residential Lithuanian rulers. Gates of Dawn, is also called the Medininkai Gate. A symbol of the city and is a remnant of the ancient defensive walls surrounding Vilnius. Here also is the entrance to a very important for the Lithuanians and Poles Gate of Dawn chapel with the miraculous image of Our Lady of Ostra Brama (from the seventeenth century and was once, as tradition dictated hung on the inner wall of the gate).

Usually, there are very many pilgrims, especially on November 16, the feast of the patron saint of Lithuania. Marian Sanctuary is rich in numerous votive offerings, including donated by the Marshal. The image of Our Lady was put on a magnificent, richly decorated frontal in front of the large windows, which makes it is also visible from the street. We Gates of Dawn and the sanctuary we know mainly from Mickiewicz Invocation. The best hotels in the city for business, for example, Holiday Inn or Comfort Vilnius Hotel Vilnius Rock’N’Roll. Prices are between 250 and 350 PLN per night. In Each time you are served a delicious breakfast, and on the websites we can read nothing but good reviews about them.
It is only a substitute for what we could see, so it’s best to spend a little more time, or organize a business tour of the monuments of Vilnius.