Warsaw-capital city of business in Poland.

Warsaw-capital city of business in Poland.

It is worth to spend a few days to meet the unique atmosphere. The diversity of the city and its rich offer makes everyone will find something for themselves. Historic palaces and churches meet modern architecture, and cozy cafes compete with fashionable music-filled clubs. Whatever your purpose of visit, Warsaw will leave a lasting impression on you.

If we go to Warsaw for business purposes, it is worth to look for what the place is worth visiting not only to spend time at the conference. Landing at the airport already feel the friendly atmosphere, which provides among the people. If we want to look for high standard hotel in the city center you will find luxury hotels, which are all in their standard, for example, sauna, gym or pool. These hotels is Bristol or Mariot. However, we can find something more modest. This does not mean that the worse standard. If Silent organized group of business and do not have to navigate for certain hours of the city, worth seeing something on their own. What to do in Warsaw? Old Tows, almost completely rebuilt after the war, is on the UNESCO list, here you can admire the colorful houses, the Royal Castle, as well as standing on the Castle Square column of Zygmunt III Waza – the king who moved the Polish capital from Krakow to Warsaw.  It is worth to see  the streets of the old town, sit at the most beautiful square in Warsaw – the Old Town Square and watch the crowds of tourists who flock here almost all year round. Museum of Warsaw Uprising, very interesting, “multigenerational” and the modern museum (exhibitions in addition to traditional images, objects, weapons, historical monuments of the former inhabitants of Warsaw shall also bear the elements of light, sound, film, etc.).


Was opened on the 60th anniversary of the outbreak of the specially adapted for this purpose a historic nineteenth century building Power Plant Tram Urban. This memorial and tribute to all those who waltzes and gave their lives in defense of the Holy and the whole Polish. More seen on the museum’s website. Palace of culture and science, a symbol of the previous era, the gift of the Soviet Union for Warsaw, the building by one admired and hated by others. Located on the Parade Square and is the tallest building in Poland! It has plenty of rooms, spaces in which they are located headquarters and the offices of many institutions and companies. You can also enter the 30 floor – the observation deck to admire the panorama of Warsaw.
Warsaw is a magical place, walk around the city make us feel this real Polish climate. I mentioned some monuments or places, and it really is a lot of them.